How To Beat The Period Blues

How To Beat The Period Blues

It’s normal to feel a little blue around the time of your period. Your hormones are running wild and unfortunately, your mood is going to take a big hit from that. But don't worry, it will pass and you'll feel like your normal self soon enough. In the meantime, try these few things to feel a bit more like yourself during that time of the month.


Take A Bath

No, it’s not gross to take a bath while on your period. It’s actually quite relaxing. Especially when you have cramps and all you want is some peace and quiet. You can even use essential oils or certain bath salts in order to help relieve things like cramps or headaches during your time of the month. It’s like killing two birds with one stone! Two great things to add to your bath to help with cramps or headaches is Epsom salt and lavender oil. Adding a half cup to a cup of Epsom salt along with 10-15 drops of lavender essential oil is really helpful during that time of the month.


Indulge In Your Favorite Treat

Who says you can’t have a little extra ice cream if you're feeling a little down? If you need a sign to have that extra scoop of ice cream, here it is! No, you shouldn't completely overindulge because that's just a bad eating habit! But if you’re feeling down and out, there's no reason you can’t have that extra slice of cake while watching your favorite tv show! And speaking of favorite tv shows...



Watch Your Favorite TV Show

Another great way to kill those period blues is to watch your all-time favorite tv show. Doesn’t matter what genre! If its a comedy, great! Laugh away those period blues. If it’s a drama, also great! Sit on the edge of your couch with a heating pad to make the cramps go away. Anything that makes you happy will get you one step closer to feeling just a little bit better while you are on your period.


Go For A Little Jog

Yeah, we know you don't want to run on your period, but honestly, it helps! Exercise is known to create endorphins, and endorphins make you happy! Exercising also helps a great deal with stress. Stress could even be an underlying reason as to why you may be feeling the period blues a little more than usual. If you don't like using tampons while working out, try a pair of leak-proof leggings! They'll keep you feeling fresh and clean while you jog away those period blues. Sweat it out and let it go.



Hang Out With Friends

You really might not want to hang out with your friends while on your period, especially if you are feeling a touch of the period blues. But you know what, sometimes it might be better to suck it up and spend some quality time with some of your best pals. No matter what you do! Go out for dinner and a movie! Or stay in, get takeout, and watch some Netflix! Don't worry, you won't regret it after you and your friends are doubled over laughing about something insanely hilarious.


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