The Best Practices to Prepare for My Daughter's First Period

The Best Practices to Prepare for My Daughter's First Period

Your daughter is at that age when you feel like it is time for that period talk. Most girls start their periods around 11-12, but some start as early as 8 and as late as 16, so many experts recommend talking to your daughter early, and through a series of conversations, opposed to just one talk.


Here are some tips for preparing your daughter for her first period:


Be Honest


Don’t sugarcoat language or ignore important details. Be specific with phrases like, “Once a month an egg is released, and your uterine lining comes out like blood in what is called your period. It can cause some women to get cramps, feel tired." Etc.


Try your best to share this information straightforwardly and confidently and be prepared for questions.


Listen to Her Concerns


After you’ve provided your daughter with the basics, it’s important that you listen to her concerns and answer her questions. Be empathetic and reassuring and try not to interrupt. You will be showing your support by listening and responding when asked.


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Explain How Period Supplies Work


You also need to explain to your daughter that there are hygienic options such as tampons and pads. Explain to her how they work, how they are different, and why they are essential. Explain the importance of safe tampon use and when and how you need to change both a tampon and a pad.


Also, tell her that there are other options like a menstrual cup or hygienic clothing. Inform her that it is ultimately up to her which products to use based on her own comfort.


Be Positive


Let’s be honest, periods are not fun, but you should try to remain positive when breaking the period news to your daughter. Remind her that periods are part of growing up and all women get them. Tell her there are great products to keep her protected and clean. Your daughter will appreciate the positivity. A negative tone will not result in any good.


Give Her a Period Kit


PantyProp offers an awesome first-period kit equipped with pads, lip balm, hair ties, a pad pouch, a question and answer sheet, socks, and more. This gift will provide your daughter with the confidence she needs to tackle that first period with preparation and style.


Talk About Logistics


Make sure you give your daughter pointers on how to stay prepared during her period. Talk about what she needs to do during the day and at night. Tell her how much supplies she should have on hand and where she should put them.

Remind her that a period is personal, and it’s not really a conversation piece while out in public. Tell her what to do if she does happen to leak. Also, discuss certain scenarios to empower her for any possible period mishap.


If you are honest, prepared, and ready to listen and respond, you will do a wonderful job putting your daughter’s mind at ease about her first period.


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