This Is How to Prepare for Swimming on Your Period

This Is How to Prepare for Swimming on Your Period

Let’s face it, exercise and your menstrual cycle will never get along. A rigorous workout may feel great, but what doesn’t feel great is leakage. Once you get into the groove of a good routine, the last thing you want to do is run to the bathroom and deal with a mess.

Although of all the workouts where period overflow can be seriously annoying, there’s absolutely nothing worse than managing your period while swimming. Just think, you’re lounging by the pool and decide to hop in for a cool down only to find a trail of menstrual flow following you. How embarrassing! Although the shark myth may be debunked, no woman wants a bright red warning signal chasing you around.

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Unfortunately, for the pad-wearing gals out there, traditional pads are a no-go with swimming or water sports. The pad just cannot sustain that much water, and it can easily spill out of your suit while sunning or lounging. And if you don’t use tampons, or like to use tampons while swimming, what are you supposed to do? Thankfully, the right women with the right tools were sick of this problem and invented the first-ever panty-lined period swimsuit, PropSwim.

Gone are the days of avoiding the pool, with PropSwim’s effortless swim bottoms, one-piece suits, bikinis, and skinsuits you can relax all day long comfortably without any leakage.

Each piece is lined with durable, strong PantyProp technology. This technology lines your swimsuit with a built-in absorbent organic cotton gusset, perfectly angled to collect your flow.

The dri-tech mesh technology is what seals in anything unsightly and lets you have your day at the beach worry-free.

Don’t let your period slow you down from having fun in the sun, this leak-proof swimwear is the perfect option for when you want to kick back at the beach despite Aunt Flo’s constant knocking. Shop a variety of styles and colors and never worry about your period interfering with beach day again!

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