Are Period Apps All They Cracked Up to Be?

Are Period Apps All They Cracked Up to Be?

As women, we are always in search of a way to keep accurate track of our periods, to know our bodies better and, either prevent pregnancy or get pregnant. That’s why, with the rise of technology and the complications on the health care system, period apps are helping women keep track of their ever-changing menstrual cycles.


Period apps very accessible since they are often available for all kind of devices, mostly free and in different formats, and these apps are supposed to help check every stage of your period, so you can control the moment when to have intercourse or not.


But, are these apps really accurate? Let’s explore.


How Useful Are Period Tracking Apps?


Period tracking apps work in different ways some of them only feature a calendar where you can list every detail of your cycle while others are a little bit more interactive and even bring some helpful tips on how to manage the day-to-day of your menstrual cycle.


But when it comes to actual functionality, these apps may fall a little short. At first glance, they looked perfect for calculating your period, but you must remember that all of these apps work with a line code or algorithms. These mechanisms are quite good at predicting things, and that’s why they’re generally suitable for this kind of control.


The real problem occurs because the algorithms are always based in an ideal supposed. What does this mean? That if you’re not under those “ideal” patterns, the app will fail, and inaccurately predict your period.


This margin of error is why you should still calculate your cycle on your own and track things manually on your personal calendar then use the app to estimate the days but not entirely depending on that method.


Period apps are better suited to monitor your PMS symptoms and changes in your body.


Who Is More Affected by Period Tracking Apps Fail?


The fact that these apps can’t be totally accurate with women outside the “ideal,” it means that they’re actually only functional for women whose cycles are completely regular.


If that’s not you (because your menstrual cycles are irregular), then period apps are not going to work for tracking your period. They might estimate it, but the app won’t be entirely accurate which can add stress to an already stressful time of the month.


This makes the whole point of using a period app a little bit worthless since often times women with irregular periods are the ones more interested in getting an accurate timeline of when Aunt Flo will come to town.


All hope is not loss like we mentioned before, period apps can still be used for tracking other things besides your cycle like your symptoms. Also, you can compare information in the period app from month to month, and you’ll have the actual date and length of your menstrual cycle for your next doctor’s visit. You should still track with a period app but trust your own calculations since they will be more accurate.


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