How People in Other Countries Can Really Benefit From Period Panties

How People in Other Countries Can Really Benefit From Period Panties

According to various studies done by academic institutions and nonprofit organizations, it is evident that low-income countries in sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia struggle to address the menstrual health of girls and women adequately.


Due to lack of guidance and information, or due to cultural influences, females in mainly poverty-stricken parts of the world encounter similar challenges when dealing with their menses. It is particularly problematic for girls still in school.


As a result of inadequate sanitation facilities, lack of disposal facilities for sanitary ware and no resources to buy sanitary wear, girls often miss a week of school. For countries with an emerging economy, it is an unacceptable statistic.


Possible solutions for low-income countries


The high cost of sanitary pads and tampons have left menstruating females with very little choice, and they end up following unhygienic practices. Recently there has been a wave of innovation and initiatives to address the problems of cost and cultural taboos, as well as to help women better manage their periods.


Once such product is the period panty. The period panty produced by PantyProp can replace pads and liners, and be used as a backup to tampons and cups. It is made from absorbent organic cotton and can be worn with or without a tampon, sanitary pad or cup. For further comfort and protection, sanitary pads and liners can be kept in place with the help of the dri-tech mesh gusset.


The period underwear is a safe and hygienic alternative for all women, and more so for girls and women in developing countries as it mitigates the problems of sanitation and disposal facilities because it is easy to wash. It further addresses the issue of cost as the period panty can be re-used.

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Benefits for all


The period panties from PantyProp offer women comfort and peace of mind as they are leak proof, odor-free and will not shift or chafe. Further, it is a safe alternative to tampons and cups for women who cannot use tampons or cups due to cultural reasons, or because they suffer from endometriosis, fibroids or cysts. Added to that, it promises new moms a dignified and stylish way of dealing with postpartum incontinence.


PantyProp does not only offer girls and women all over the world a safe and hygienic way of managing their period, but they also bring dignity and relief to men and the elderly who suffer from incontinence. Also, it offers men boxer briefs that are discrete, absorbent and odor-free. PantyProps boxers and panties promise relief and self-esteem as it absorbs leaks, and its unique design eliminates embarrassing visible bumps through clothing.


For low-income countries and poverty-stricken communities, the period panty is the perfect alternative to sanitary ware that is expensive, logistically problematic and for some, culturally unacceptable. The added benefit with various designs available is that men and women can benefit from using it.


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