Period Nail Art: The Type of Trend We Can All Get Behind

Period Nail Art: The Type of Trend We Can All Get Behind

There are several ways you can celebrate when you are having your period. Most people don't even celebrate their monthly menses, some just go to the comfort room discreetly with a tampon or pad tucked tightly in hand. Some people just load up on their favorite sweets, and still others choose to announce their period through nail art.


When you check the hashtag #periodnails on Instagram, you will find that period nail art surely is a thing. Period nail art is slowly becoming a mini-trend among nail art aficionados, ranging from bold "I'm on my period” nail decals to cute designs of tampons and IUDs printed on nails. An otherwise taboo topic, menstruation is becoming the talk of the town especially among artists on Instagram.


On July 2, Canadian conceptual artist Annelies Hofmeyr posted a picture of her nails on Instagram, featuring “blood stains” on a white base with blue tampon strings attached to it. Another Instagram user @nailpopllc posted a impressively creative picture of her nails featuring an IUD, bloody sanitary pads and a menstrual cup. The comments under both pictures are all positive, with even one commenter saying, “Yeah, why not?”


Truly, why not? It’s about time we talk about menstruation. Period is still a shameful matter in most countries. As a result, one out of ten girls misses school days or even drops out of school entirely because of their period. Many girls’ lives around the world are still getting disrupted by the rampant social stigma surrounding menstruation and the consequent bullying and miseducation that comes with it. Because of the social stigma surrounding periods and the lack of government action on the issue, girls’ access to quality facilities and resources remain limited.


Talking about menstruation is the first step to proper period education. We have to normalize talking about menstruation, and anyway to do it should be encouraged. Even if they’re just nail art.


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