Causes of Mid-Cycle Cramps and How to Deal With Them

Causes of Mid-Cycle Cramps and How to Deal With Them

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Causes of Mid-Cycle Cramps and How to Deal With Them


All of us women have periods and many of us experience pain during our periods. Still some women also experience cramping mid-cycle as well. Pain of any type can easily ruin your day. Here you have the probable causes of your cramping as well as how to deal with them.


What Causes Mid-Cycle Cramping


First of all, what causes mid-cycle cramping? You would think that because you're not on your period, having cramps mid cycle would be odd, but the truth is activity inside of you is still happening: mid-cycle is actually the phase of the menstrual cycle when you're most fertile due to your body preparing your eggs for fertilization. Not only can cramping appear, but you may also feel heavier or full or even experience migraines and so on.


Ovulation is the main reason of cramping in mid cycle. The cramps usually appear as slight discomfort in the abdominal area and can last in between minutes to some hours depending on the woman. Mid-cycle cramping is also called mittelschmerz, a German word that means "middle pain". A natural way this can be alleviated is by applying a hot cloth to the affected area. You may also try exercise as a way to help relax your muscles. If your pain is severe you might try a low dose of medication.


When the Pain Isn't Mid-Cycle Cramps


If you don't experience this pain on a monthly basis around the same time of your cycle then it's possible that your pain might be caused by a gynecological problem, in other words, infections or diseases caused by any of the reproductive organs. If there is any kind of inflammation that lasts longer than a few hours you should make sure you go to the doctor as soon as possible so you can get diagnosed correctly.


Other pain that can occur mid-cycle could be a urinary tract infection, due to how close the organs are placed in the body. It is easy to differentiate one from the other as mid-cycle cramps will not hurt when going to pee.


Related to that, also any kind of gastrointestinal pain can be confused as well: some viruses affect the colon or stomach, making us think that it is caused by our reproductive system.


The last cause of the pain could be caused by bad posture, especially in the lower back area. Since menstrual cramps can hurt in your back it can be mistaken as mittelschmerz. However, the pain in this case will actually feel different and it will last longer than a menstrual cycle related pain. Also the medication needed to alleviate the pain will have to be stronger in this case.


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