Is Period Swimwear Better than Adult Swim Diapers?

Is Period Swimwear Better than Adult Swim Diapers?

For women who can't or choose not to wear tampons, visiting the pool or beach can become a tricky situation. That's why we at Ruby Love created a line of period swimwear – to help simplify things for women who wear pads. But our customers often have questions about pads and swimwear, including questions about how our bathing suits compare to alternatives methods of period control in the water.


Setting aside internally-worn options such as menstrual cups or tampons, the two major methods (besides our specially-designed swimwear line) are wearing a pad in a regular pair of swim bottoms or using adult swim diapers. We've addressed the former in another article, so today let's look at adult diapers.


An adult swimming diaper is a diaper that's designed to fit adults without expanding in water as much as traditional diapers do. Adult diaper manufacturers have made worthy efforts to keep their swim designs slim, and if one is dealing with very major incontinence, they're a decent option. But at the end of the day, no matter how discreet a diaper design tries to be, it still looks like a diaper through a swimsuit. Women will have to wear a swim skirt or shorts to fully conceal the diaper shape and texture.


Essentially, when it comes to women without incontinence who simply want to go swimming on their period, adult diapers should be a last resort.

Why? Because they're unnecessarily large, limiting, and often ineffective when it comes to controlling urine or blood. Diapers cover the hips all the way down to the crotch, making it impossible to wear a bikini or most two-piece suits. Normal menstruation or slight urinary leaks don't require that much coverage, so why be limited in what type of bathing suit you can wear?


And as to diaper leakage, a slimmer design that doesn't swell in water means less protection. Many adults who wear swim diapers do so as a means of additional protection (a backup, in case careful planning fails). Even the best designs don't fully contain urine, and therefore aren't always useful in containing menstrual fluids either.


In contrast, our period swimwear line comes in a range of colors and styles, from high cut, to hipsters, and even one-piece suits. They look like any standard bathing suit, and can be matched to your existing swim tops. They're also an incredibly discreet way to wear a pad. When it comes to appearance, there's simply no comparison between covering a diaper with a bathing suit and wearing a suit specially designed to hold a pad discreetly in place.


But what about the most important factor, leak prevention? Unlike adult swim diapers, which are primarily designed to protect against solid waste, Ruby Love period bathing suits are designed to work with your preferred brand of sanitary pads. If your pads don't leak when you wear traditional clothes, they won't leak in the water. But the good news doesn't end there: Even if your pad does leak, our swimwear line is completely leak-proof. If your pad fails, you'll still be safe from stains and leaks. And since they're as reusable as standard swim suits, they're far more environmentally friendly as well.


Our period swimwear line is safer, more discreet, and more convenient than adult swim diapers for outdoor activities and swimming. Give it a try today!

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