Traveling On Your Period

Traveling On Your Period

What Do I Need to Know About Travelling While on My Period?


With summertime fast approaching, many people see family vacations on the horizon. But even the most anticipated summer fun can be marred by an inconvenient menstrual cycle. When dates are set, women open their calendars with trepidation, counting the days to see whether they'll be enjoying time in the sun, or sitting alone in a hotel room with a heating pad.


If you find out your period is going to coincide with a scheduled vacation, or if your periods are irregular and unpredictable, there is good news. There are several ways to make sure a menstrual cycle doesn't restrict your time off.



How to Skip Your Period

For women taking the birth control pill, there's the option of simply skipping the inactive week of pills, thereby skipping your period. While this is safe in terms of health and contraception, it means you'll be a week short at the end of the second month (having two inactive weeks in a row will not prevent pregnancy!), so you should still talk to you pharmacist beforehand. They can tell you whether or not you'll be able to get an early refill after the end of the second pack.


How to Plan for Your Period

If you're not on the pill, or don't wish to skip your period, you can still keep your period from disrupting your vacation. Long rides in the car or on an airplane, where bathrooms are often hard to find or uncomfortable, are one of the worst aspects of traveling on your period. Luckily, good preparation can limit the discomfort.


Before you buckle in, make sure you're wearing a new pad, tampon, or empty menstrual cup. Pack a small bag, such as a toiletries pouch, with extra feminine hygiene products and baby wipes. In case you don't have access to a clean, spacious, or private restroom, baby wipes will allow you to clean up quickly and thoroughly. They're also an ideal way to clean a menstrual cup when you can't wash it out in a sink.


What about when you arrive at your destination?


How to Pack for Your Period While on Vacation

Make sure you pack your regular medicines, such as Tylenol, aspirin, or Midol. Driving around an unfamiliar town looking for a pharmacy is no way to spend your time off. Also plan your wardrobe accordingly. If you suspect you'll feel uncomfortable, make sure you bring some loose lounge wear. And, of course, underwear.


Whereas most women, predicting leaks and stains, will have to pack extra underwear and leave all white clothing behind, you can take control of the matter with period panties. For instance, Ruby Love's multi-faceted leak prevention leaves you free to do whatever you want, even when wearing a pad. You won't have to excuse yourself to the bathroom every 20 minutes just to make sure your pad is in place, so you don't have to plan your excursions around your period.


In fact, swimming and sunning on the beach are no longer off limits. Yes, you can actually head into the ocean or hotel pool wearing a pad with period swimwear!


If you find out you're going to be traveling on your period, there's no need to write off the vacation as a loss. With a little preparation and some appropriate period panties, you can still make the most of summer fun.

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