How To Wear A Bodysuit When You Have Your Period

How To Wear A Bodysuit When You Have Your Period

Beyonce's new bodywear line is all over the internet, and as always, it is - FIERCE!


These days, bodysuits are the hottest rage in New York and LA. Heck, we even spotted Kourtney Kardashian rocking her unitard over her jeans - WTH???? Fashionista or not, every girl got the same problem when needing to access her vajayjay underneath that 'suit'.



How annoying is it when you are rocking your fly 'Suit' and you gotta pee, poop, or access your menstruation pads? Taking all your clothes off and standing two thirds naked in the public stall, hoping no one peep through that tiny space near the lock and see the little bit of dignity you got left?

Yes, some have snaps all the way down under (problem#1), but many don't, they all are pretty much a hassle to deal with.


With this being said, we have compiled three of the best ways to get "Bodied" without showing "Body" when you want to wear your bodysuit with your maxi-pad.


1. Think of it as a one piece swimsuit - That's what it really is anyway, right?


Just yank it to the side. Many girls don't wear panties when they wear a bodysuit, and usually let it serve as their underwear too. In retrospect, it's like a one piece swimsuit so treat it like one. When you head in the bathroom at the beach do you normally pull down your wet bathing suit? Of course not, so just do the same when you wear a bodysuit.



2. Get Yourself a Period-Proof Bodysuit from Ruby Love - Get easy access to your lady parts and it absorbs leaks


Adaptable bodysuits with a absorbent crotch for leaks and stains, and yes, that secure and discreet sanitary pad pocket too to hold your pad in place. The best part is the bra-style clasp in the front near your crotch that allows you to unclasp to pee or change your tampon or pad - quick and fast, simply clasp it back. No need to struggle either, because after you un-clasp (not snap) your sanitary pad or tampon access is front and center for you to change - JUST like your bra. No need to undress or do fancy yoga just to get to the opening.




3. Pretend to be a fashion star - Fake the look


Just wear underwear and do not snap it under. Bodysuits are very slimming and warm if worn as a layer in the winter. If you are like most people in the winter, that extra layer is so much more cozy. So to fake the look all you is put on your undies and menstrual protection and put that bodysuit on like it is a longer shirt. - No one will even know. You may start a new trend.


So get your Kim K. slay on without having to undress.


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