Cost-Effective Period Products You Should Try

Cost-Effective Period Products You Should Try

Shopping on your period can boost your mood, but can also put a dent in your wallet. Did you know that a big chunk of the money you spend in a lifetime is towards disposable menstrual products? Not only is that bad for your financials, it's bad for the environment!

Women can have about 450 periods in their lifetime. On average, with the use of 23 tampons per cycle, that's 10,350 tampons, or $1,800 in product! That's one of the reasons why reusable period-proof products are becoming more and more popular. One pair of Ruby Love period-proof underwear has a life expectancy of up to 3 years! That substitutes about 700 pads, or 800 tampons for less than $20, and keeps all that extra waste out of landfills!

You may already know about period underwear, so here are a few more period approved products that are a MUST TRY!

Period Swimwear

Yes, you CAN swim on your period, thanks to period-proof swimwear! How does it work? Ruby Love designed a built-in technology that will keep you leak-free in and out of water, no tampon required! With 5 discreet layers of absorbency and protection, the swimwear can absorb up to 3 tampons' worth of flow. Thanks to the built-in cotton liner, you won't have to worry about unwanted leaks! So tell Aunt Flow to step aside, and have

fun in the sun!

Period Sleepwear

There’s no better way to wake up on your period than to unstained white sheets! Period-approved sleepwear is a game changer, and Ruby Love designed this product with a rough night's sleep in mind. The product fits snug to the body, so no matter how much you toss and turn, you'll stay protected. This product can hold and absorb up to 2.5 tampons' worth of flow on its own. Is your flow heavy overnight and feel you might need extra protection? No worries! Add a double-sided reusable pad insert, which can hold and absorb up to an additional 6 tampons' worth of flow!

Period Leggings

Have you heard exercising on your period can help soothe cramps? It's true! If you’re worried about ruining your favorite pair of workout pants, try period-proof leggings! Not only are they comfortable, but Ruby Love has designed them with a long workout in mind! With a built-in liner that protects from unwanted leaks and stains, you can run, jump, squat and do yoga without worry. Wear them alone or with extra protection--these leggings will give the support needed during a workout!

Want to learn more about issues currently affecting women and teen girls, or how to empower yourself with products like period underwear? Check out hundreds of articles on our blog or shop our wide selection of period-proof apparel today!

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