5 Tips to Make Periods Easier at School

5 Tips to Make Periods Easier at School

When I was younger, I had a very limited understanding of what to expect when I finally got my period. I was too shy and embarrassed to ask my mom, family members or friends. After all, I was young, awkward and petrified of what Aunt Flow had in store for me on her first visit. How would I know it was time? Would it hurt? What if it happens when I’m in the middle of a test? These questions went through my head on a daily basis, and when the time came I wasn't expecting it. So as a way to prepare you all, I’ve come up with 5 crucial tips that will help make your period easier at school.

1. Keep Your Sanitary Items in a Discreet Bag

If you’re concerned about your classmates realizing it’s your time of the month, a discreet bag is your best friend. Instead of having to reach into your backpack, stuff a pad in your sleeve and walk all the way to the bathroom with your hands hidden, a cute bag will help you get there with less stress. Look for something small enough to fit into your sweater pocket but large enough to be considered a makeup bag... that way, no one will be able to guess what’s inside!

2. Track Your Period

There’s nothing more nerve-wracking than not knowing when to expect your next period. Carry a calendar or use the one on your phone to track the first day of your period. This will give you a general idea of when your next period should arrive. Keep in mind, the first 2 years of your period can be irregular, so it's a great idea to keep track of your first days. This way you can be prepared by wearing your period underwear a week prior.

3. Wear Period-Proof Underwear

Accidents happen! Bleeding through clothing is common in the first years of menstruation, mainly because your body is changing and you may not be aware of the warning signs. Ruby Love period-proof underwear for teens & tweens is a great first line of defense against unforgiving Aunt Flow. With an absorbance of 2.5 tampons worth of blood when worn alone, this type of underwear can help ease your mind from the period paranoia.

4. Stock Up on Emergency Sanitary Items

It’s better to be over-prepared than under-prepared when expecting your period, especially when you're unsure of the arrival. Stuff some extra pads in your backpack, discreet carry bag, purse or in your locker—this way, you’ll have something on you at all times. Who knows, maybe you’ll be able to help a friend when she needs one!

5. Don’t Skip Gym Class!

Having to participate in gym while on your period may seem like no fun, but don’t let it get you down! Believe it or not, being active on your period can actually make the symptoms you dread go away. Studies have shown that doing light workouts such as jogging, yoga, and light strength training can help relieve cramps, back pain, mood swings, and PMS-induced headaches. So if you feel up to it, try to participate in gym and watch those pains ease away over time!

Periods can be rough and in a school environment it can be even rougher, but with these helpful tips, you’ll be able to conquer your day and have the time of your month.

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