Free Sanitary Pads – It's Not A Dream, It's Now.

Free Sanitary Pads – It's Not A Dream, It's Now.

Today, many women are able to enjoy their lives without any significant disruption from their menstrual cycle, but not everyone is so fortunate. For girls here and around the world who don't have access to feminine hygiene products, that time of the month can mean serious discomfort, embarrassment, or even missing school or work.


Throughout the world there are several charities that work to provide girls and women with sanitary pads and tampons so they can live their lives to the fullest, never held back by their period. Though most of these are focused abroad (and we're glad they are), only few are aimed at providing help to those who need it right here at home.


At Ruby Love, we know that having access to proper feminine care can be the difference between living a full life and living in embarrassment and inconvenience. That's why we proudly offer free sanitary napkins to any woman who needs them. Not “free with any order” or “free with a qualifying purchase,” or “free with a rebate,” just free.


We supply women and girls in need with high-quality feminine hygiene products from Premier Care's Bodyform Products. This brand has been creating comfortable, body-fitting sanitary pads for the past twenty year. Beyond that, they revolutionized the industry by creating the first flushable (and biodegradable) pantyliner. Now we're proud to partner with them to help remove the stigma that still lingers around menstruation, and help women live normal, active lives regardless of income level.

Why is this so important?


Because a lack of access to sanitary products causes women and girls to:


  • Miss up to 18 days of school per year
  • Perform poorly at work and school due to anxiety
  • Receive poor reviews due to absences
  • Feel guilty for 'squandering' money on pads
  • Suffer embarrassment at leaks and stains


In today's world, this is unacceptable. And so we began our Free Sanitary Pad initiative.

That sounds great! But why aren't more companies doing this?


There are more resources for free pads than you probably think (many sanitary pad companies will mail out free sample packs when requested), but still nowhere near enough to meet the need. Part of the reason more companies don't offer free pads is because few people like to acknowledge the fact that there are many women in this country who can't afford to meet their own menstrual health needs. It's easy to think of girls in Africa skipping school due to their period, but to acknowledge that this happens here at home is… well, uncomfortable.


But as long as we maintain that attitude, nothing will change. So please, spread the word to your friends about Ruby Love's free pad program and other programs like it. Help us to break down the stigma regarding menstrual and feminine hygiene, and let's work together to make sure no woman or girl has her opportunities limited because of her period.

Want to learn more about feminine health and period underwear (or other period-proof clothing)? Browse our blog or shop our period-proof apparel (including swimwear and sleepwear) today!

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