Why Do My Boobs Hurt When I'm On My Period: 8 Ways to Deal with It

Why Do My Boobs Hurt When I'm On My Period: 8 Ways to Deal with It

It’s that perfect day. You’re bouncing down the stairs humming that old tune “Sun’s down...a little after 10...I pick up all my friends in your Mercedes Benz….”—and then, suddenly, you realize you’d have to put your “adventurous” vibes on hold.

It’s that particular time of the month that you wish didn’t coincide with parties, all-nighters, or your workout schedule (yeah, tough luck on that last one). It’s that time of the month that women hate— when your entire sore body seems like a walking aspirin ad. And of course, there's the issue with your boobs...

Why do my boobs hurt when I’m on my period, anyway?

Though you may have resigned yourself to the aches and pains that come with your menstrual cycle, you may still be wondering why your boobs have to hurt. Though not all symptoms of menstruation happen to all women, sore and tender boobs is a usual indicator that you’re on your period. Most women experience minor discomfort. But in some cases, others can go through disabling pain or notice unusual lumps or nipple discharges, which means that it’s time for a visit to the doctor.

However, the more common breast pain is called cyclical breast pain, which is linked to your monthly period. It’s caused by the rise and fall of hormones during the normal menstrual cycle. These hormones are chemical messengers that travel to different parts of your body and tell them what to do and when to do it. Aside from ordering your emotions around, they can also affect your breasts. The fluctuations in the feminine hormones estrogen and progesterone can also cause breast tissue inflammation, which adds to the discomfort even a week or two before your period starts.

When the first half of your menstrual cycle begins, estrogen levels increase and enlarge the milk ducts in preparation for pregnancy. Then the progesterone takes over to stimulate and form the milk glands. All these changes can make the breasts look enlarged and feel sore and tender. Things typically go back to normal at the end of your period, when the pregnancy doesn’t happen.

As if the hormonal fluctuations aren’t enough during menstruation, they can be worsened by stress, which affects that hormone producing-part of our brain. When you’re particularly stressed out, it can just throw your hormone levels out of whack before, and even during. your period.

While cyclical breast pain usually resolves itself over time even without any treatment, it can still be a tad annoying. Worse, it can even cramp your style. After all, how can you be your usual carefree self when there’s a nagging, aching sensation in your boobs? Here are a couple of remedies that might just be worth a try in alleviating your PMS symptoms, including breast aches and pains.

Period Pain: Sore Breast Remedies

Skip or limit caffeine. That means coffee, cola, tea, energy drinks, and chocolate. We know, it can be a sacrifice. But caffeine can indeed wreak havoc on your system. Caffeine inhibits adenosine, which regulates the pace of your heart. If adenosine is interfered with, you can get all worked up. Caffeine also changes your hormonal profiles, which isn’t particularly good when your hormones are already fluctuating as much as the New York Stock Exchange.

Have a change of heart—about your diet. Foods high in salt and fat, such as your staple potato chips and gooey pastries, can increase discomfort. Try to reduce your intake of these tempting treats a week or two before your period starts. Go for a low-fat diet, one that’s rich in complex carbohydrates and leafy greens. Not only will a change to more nutritious edibles minimize your body soreness, but it will also do your overall health a world of good.

Support your girls. Use hot and cold therapy compresses like ice packs and heating pads. The heat helps decrease the muscle spasms while the ice minimizes the swelling. Apply heat (up to 30 minutes every two hours) and alternate with the ice pack (up to 20 minutes every hour) or as directed by your physician.

Maybe it’s time to ditch your oldies-but-no-longer-goodies and buy a firm, well-fitting support bra, preferably one that is fitted by a professional. You can also try a different cup size if that will make you feel more comfortable. Wearing your support bra at night can also help minimize discomfort.

Bolster up with supplements! Research shows that Vitamins B6 and E have been shown to help minimize breast pain and relieve overall PMS symptoms. Double-blind studies also show that Evening Primrose Oil, Black Currant Seed Oil, Borage Oil, and Dietary Flaxseed are excellent sources of helpful acids that alleviate breast pain. Magnesium supplements can also be a relief booster. Check with your doctor if you can augment your diet with these supplements.

Breakaway from the breaking point. A certain amount of stress can help you be productive. But it can be your worst nightmare when unmanaged, shooting your adrenaline up and further causing your hormones to go awry. Rein in your stress by managing it well.

Do yourself a favor and stop procrastinating! Yes, right this very instant. Like, now! Procrastination always feels like a sword hanging over your head, ready to drop on you at any time. And that nagging feeling of a pending to-do can be one of the worst feelings ever. Just take the first step. When you’re in a rut, just remember the words: motion before emotion. It always does the trick.

Don’t forget to quit saying “yes” to everything and everyone. Be a good steward of your time by being intentional with it. Remember that you can’t be everything to everybody, every time.

Relax. Destress with a massage or any other relaxation therapy such as breathing techniques. These can control the high levels of anxiety that can trigger breast pain and irregular breathing. Don’t sweat the small stuff.

Aim for daily low-impact exercise. You can choose from walking, light cycling, swimming, or yoga. These activities are recommended to boost breast muscle mass and relieve both breast pain and stress. More strenuous exercises can do just the opposite, especially if your breasts are sensitive or are a larger bust size. Low-impact is always best during menstruation. Don’t forget to wear a good sports bra. No matter the size, a reliable sports bra can help reduce the repetitive movement from sports activities and thus keep your breasts from bouncing all over the place. This means less soreness, pain, and sagging.


Forewarned is forearmed. Watch out for potentially stressful situations, such as when you have your period. Always Keep your pads and extra undies ready.

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