Who Created Period Swimwear?

Who Created Period Swimwear?


Ruby Love, a brand driven by a mission to empower women, is committed to offering comfortable and functional apparel that supports women in staying active and productive during their menstrual cycle.

Founded in 2015 by Crystal Etienne, a black woman and tech inventor, Ruby Love emerged from a pursuit for safer and more effective options in the hygiene and self-care industry. Crystal Etienne's motivation stemmed from witnessing her daughter navigate through her monthly cycle and questioning the effectiveness of outdated hygiene products filled with chemicals. The journey led to the creation of Period Swimwear, a revolutionary solution in menstrual hygiene.

The Creation of Period Swimwear

Crystal Etienne dedicated several years to crafting prototypes, experimenting with designs, and personally testing different products. Her unwavering commitment led her to discover the ideal combination of design, fit, and security for her innovative product.

Crystal Etienne became the inventor of Period Swimwear, offering maximum absorption and protection against leaks while ensuring women can swim comfortably and worry-free. The swimwear is designed to be reusable, easily washed, and dried. The Classic Black Sea Swim Bottom, one of the initial offerings, quickly became a bestseller, showcasing the dedication and attention to detail poured into its creation.

Our Ongoing Journey

Ruby Love continues its commitment to providing women with Leak-Proof Apparel, including swimwear, while ensuring the highest standard of hygiene and self-care products. Explore our range to enjoy comfort, security, and innovation throughout your menstrual cycle.

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