What Causes Two Periods in One Month?

What Causes Two Periods in One Month?

It’s that time of the month… again? If you use a period tracker, you might be able to pinpoint the exact time that your period should come. This sounds normal, so why do you have your period again just a few days later? While women can usually expect to receive one period a month, certain circumstances can cause you to have it twice. And no period tracker can predict this.


Are you wondering why you’ve just got your period twice in a month? You might just be preparing yourself in case it happens in the future. Look no further! Let’s talk about why you might experience two periods in the same month.


Before we can go into the causes of why you’d be having a second period, you’d first have to check that it is, in fact, a period and not spotting. If it’s actually your period, it will perform the same meaning you should need to change your feminine hygiene product every few hours due to your flow. Another check mark off the list would be the color. If it is period blood, it should be bright red versus the darker pigmentation if you were spotting.


Now, let’s talk about the causes!


(Lack of) Birth Control


If you didn’t know by now, the female reproductive system is controlled by a group of hormones. When you take birth control, you’re essentially giving your body hormones to regulate both your ovulation and menstrual cycle. For those who have been forgetting to take their birth control, you might find that you’ll experience irregular periods or even two periods in one month due to the quick change of hormones.


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You probably thought that pregnancy means you no longer get your period, right? In the earliest stages of pregnancy, your period is often a mystery. This is because your body is naturally producing a new set and amount of hormones that can cause your period to be extremely irregular. Often this can lead to having two periods in a month.


Sexually Transmitted Infections

If you’re sexually active, getting checked is always a priority! Sexually transmitted infections not only can cause discharge and irregular bleeding that can seem like your period, but many of them are life-altering and potentially deadly. Trichomoniasis, one very dangerous STI has been said to increase the risk of other STDs and even HIV.




Many girls spend puberty trying to learn their bodies and this also comes with learning their cycle. When a girl first begins her period, this new influx of hormones can cause her period to alter from month to month. As her body regulates to a particular schedule, she might find herself reaching for a feminine hygiene product at two separate times in one month.




Endometriosis is a condition where the tissue that lines the uterus begins growing beyond the uterus and throughout the body. This not only causes painful periods for the women who experience it, but it also causes irregular bleeding that might cause that extra menstrual cycle.




During the time before you go through menopause, your hormones will start to play rollercoaster. They continuously fluctuate as your body prepares to go through menopause. As your body’s hormones try to regulate themselves, you might experience two periods in one month as a result.


As women, hormones play a significant role in our bodies, especially when it comes to our reproductive system. There are common causes as to why you might experience two periods in one month, but the underlying fact is that this isn’t necessarily normal. To make sure you’re healthy, monitor your flow and always bring your concerns to your gynecologist.


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