Unexpected Mother's Day Gifts Under $50 (She Will Actually Love and Use)

Unexpected Mother's Day Gifts Under $50 (She Will Actually Love and Use)

Your mom is your everything: your best friend, your protector, your confidante, the woman who was there for all your major life milestones – and also a woman who understands what shopping on a budget is all about! When it comes to her day of the year – Mother’s Day, that is – she knows you have realistic financial boundaries. But the good news is, there are some really great gifts out there for her that hit right under $50.

Subscription Boxes

There are any number of different subscription box services out there these days and something fun for every taste. Give your mom the gift of recurring monthly joy with a membership to something like monthly new teas (Tea Runners, $25/2 months) or a snazzy Ipsy makeup and skincare subscription she can customize perfectly for her preferences and concerns ($10/month).

Loco for Leggings

If you’ve got a mom who’s into – or into relaxing in both comfort and style, pick her up a pair of PantyProp leak-proof leggings that say “Hey, Mom, stay active but also don’t worry about any kind of accidents.” So, really, it’s two gifts in one for less than 50 bucks – your mom will love you being a little thrifty!

Make Her Home Life Easier

An Alexa doesn’t have to be something expensive and fancy – you can snag your mom an Echo Dot for around $40 so she can step fully into the 21st century and run her castle and her kingdom from one high-tech hub. The Echo doesn’t require her to be crazy tech-savvy, either, so she can comfortably learn how to use her new wonder assistant (and be the envy of the other moms on the block.)

Something Stylish and Smart

If your mom is all about that tuck and totally into looking her best, this leak-proof bodysuit from PantyProp is just the ticket. (Not to make your mom blush, but she won’t even need to wear underwear with it, meaning she can look super chic and never feel bulky down there.) And at only $30 apiece, you can snag one for yourself and make your mom’s long-held dreams of 1983-style matching be realized.

Skincare Never Goes Out of Style

Let your mom into your world of beauty influencers and putting her best face (quite literally) forward with a fun and moisturizing peel mask. Be Berry Smooth offers an eye-catching option at only $6.99. In fact, you can go ham and pull together a full treasure chest of skincare for your mom and stay under that $50 budget – or really get cool and creative and mix and match with a face mask and something else stylish, like the leak-proof bodysuit, to really take it to the next level of gift giving.

Whether you’re an only child or one of a brood of many, stick to a budget and still come out as the favorite child, hands down, with something unique and thoughtful this Mother’s Day.

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