How to Choose the Right Menstrual Pad for Your Period

How to Choose the Right Menstrual Pad for Your Period

Watch out for those leaks! When you get your period, there might be a lot of different things running through your mind. Will your cramps be super painful? Will people be able to spot your bloated stomach through your dress Saturday night?


While you might not be asking yourself this question, you’re probably hoping and praying that you won’t have to deal with any leaks, right? Millions and millions of women deal with leaks during their period but you don’t have to! If you’re experiencing leaks while using menstrual pads, chances are that you’re using the wrong pad. Here are our Holy Grail tips for choosing the right menstrual pad.


Be aware of your options.


When dealing with menstrual pads, a lot of women believe that there’s only one go-to size and that’s it. That is not it! There are tons of different options to choose from when trying to decide which pad is perfect for your flow. For women who have a light flow, you might prefer ultra-thin pads while its polar opposite would be the maxi pad. Even between these two different types of padding, you’ll find numerous in between!


Even when dealing with ultra-thin and maxi pads, you also have the option to choose pads with or without wings. They even have menstrual pads that are super-long that allow for more coverage on your underwear.


Use your underwear size.


If you’re trying to choose the right menstrual pad, you need to match it to that of your underwear size. If you experience leaks often, it might be because compared to your body type, the size of the pad is too small. If you’re petite, you might be able to get away with light to moderate coverage pads while someone of a bigger size might lean more towards moderate to heavy flow pads.


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Monitor your flow.


Before you can really know what pad to buy, you need to monitor your flow! As an experiment, try out a regular pad. If this seems to absorb very quickly, you might want to move on to a higher absorbency. If the pad seems to have little to no blood after several hours, you can probably choose a thinner pad.


Use different products on different days and at different times of the day.


Many women buy one type of pad for their entire period, but this is a mistake. This mistake can also lead to a lot of leaks. Rather than purchasing one type of pad, you might want to buy a few!


During the day, since you’re conscious, you might have the opportunity to change your pad more often. Because of this, you could choose something that matches your regular flow. The pad that you wear during the day probably shouldn’t be the same type you wear at night. While you sleep, you should probably find a moderate to heavy coverage pad that will make sure you wake up leak free! You might even choose an extra-long pad to fight off any pesky leaks that you might find in the morning.


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One of the reasons that most women begin looking for the right menstrual pad is because they are dealing with leaks. If you’re tired of leaks, choose PantyProp! Completely leak-free, you can wear PantyProp alone or pair it with your favorite type of pad for a double dose of leak-proof coverage.


Who knew shopping for your pads could be like shopping for clothes? As long as you know your underwear size, your options, and your flow, you’ll be good to go when picking the right menstrual pad!


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