Some Period Facts You Missed at the Ruby Love Webinar Series

Some Period Facts You Missed at the Ruby Love Webinar Series

From Session Two with Erin Cook, MD

  1. Period blood comes from your uterus and travels through your vaginal opening then out of the Vulva.

  1. Some clues that your period is coming soon are:
  • If you grow a lot in a short span of time
  • Your breasts get a double hump
  • Your pubic hair is starting to get thicker
  • Or it's been about two years since your breasts started budding

You should see a doctor if: your period came before the age 9, if you haven't received your period by the age 15 but you have breast development, you don’t have a period or any breast development by 13, or its been about 3 years since your breast has started growing with no period.

  1. If you are bleeding more than every three weeks there could be a health concern. Use a period tracker app, which will make it easier to identify an abnormal pattern in your cycle.

  1. If you are moody before your period it does not mean your hormones are messed up, it actually means your hormones are right on track!

If you find your mood swings while on your period are affecting any school, activities, or relationships you should talk to your doctor because you may have PMDD or PMS.

  1. The average period lasts 3-5 days and a period lasting 8 days or longer could mean there is a problem. If your bleeding lasts longer than 14 days you should call your doctor.

  1. To relieve period pains you should try: heating pads, warm baths or exercise.

If none of these methods help alleviate period cramps, you should talk to your doctor.

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