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Running On Your Period? Top Things You Should Know

When the red tide is in, It can be mighty tempting to just curl up in your bed and do a Netflix series marathon. Unfortunately, your body just doesn't feel up to anything that requires a little more energy than clicking a mouse. No judgment there—you can blame it on the hormones. They're the ones making it difficult for your muscles to get their fair share of oxygen, so you end up with all sorts of aches and pains.

But when the tough get their period, the tough get going, right? Having your period should not stop you from doing the activities you want to do and living your best life. So why not have a little rundown about running on your period, and learn a thing or two about how you can still run the show even with a flow. Here we go.

Running and your period: Can they go together?

Our wonderful bodies respond to running and other high-energy exercises in different ways. Some women experience more intense cramping when they exercise, but in most cases, running, like any other physical activity, should typically help relieve menstrual cramps.

In short, running on your period can be great for you. One reason is that it increases blood circulation, which is basically your body's Uber Eats system, delivering all the oxygen and nutrients your cells, tissues, and muscles need to have their energy fix. Once your cells et al. receive their nutrient and oxygen packages, they're now all beefed up to do the job of repairing and restoring your body's tired and worn-out body parts.

When your blood flow is running as it should, you also get the added bonus of beautiful, radiant skin from all the nutrition pumped into the skin cells. Perhaps this is one of the reasons why women on their period just seem to glow up.

Running can also clear the gas that your body retains when lying down, so you experience less bloating and swelling.

But wait, there's more. Running, like any exercise, can trigger the release of happy chemicals called endorphins, which can chase the blues away. So when on your period, it need not be all gloomy and dark—you can even be as happy as a lark (you knew that was coming!).

Best PMS survival tips for runners

We know what can give you that jolt of joy: being able to do your favorite exercise without being slowed down by the PMS gang. Here are a few ways that can get you up and running on your period.

1. Stay hydrated

During the luteal phase (right after ovulation and just before your period starts), your body goes through temperature changes, leading to a drop in plasma. This plasma is the most abundant part of your blood that delivers nutrients and whatever else is needed to the cells. When the plasma levels go down, blood thickens up, resulting in reduced blood flow in the muscles and a slower recovery time.

Because plasma is 90% water, you can increase its levels by drinking plenty of water一 at least four to six ounces every 20 minutes during your runs.

2. Stalk your cycle

Forewarned is always forearmed. Planning your runs to sync with your sched can help you keep your guard. To be able to schedule when you can go on long runs or speed work, you'll, of course, have to first track your cycle, like when your ovulation starts.

Why should it matter? When your ovulation is at its peak, that's when you experience surges of energy (around the 14th day). So that would probably be the best time to do your high-endurance races or running circuits. You can use cycle tracking apps to determine when you can bring your A-game and when you're likely to lose steam. Don't forget to listen to your body, especially when you feel extra tired before or during your period.

3. Go easy on yourself

Easy does it when it comes to running on your period. Gentle exercises like walking and stretching can slowly build up your muscles' stamina. This way, your system doesn't get shocked by the energy demands that running can impose on your body.

By training slowly, you're able to bring down stress levels, which allows your hormones to remain stable enough to manage your body's functions.

Dynamic stretching is another way to effectively warm up the muscles to get them in running mode. This innovative exercise makes the muscles and joints work on full-range motions to enable more flexibility.

4. Eat your way to muscle relief

Poor eating habits, like downing a bag of chips, can worsen PMS symptoms. But

When you're gobbling up more of the healthy edibles, you can actually support your muscles to keep them running.

For instance, you'll need enough calories to boost your running performance. But, of course, we're talking about the good kind of calories, like those from sweet potatoes, that promote your antioxidant supply and minimize muscle damage.

Women need iron in their diet. But if you're menstruating, you lose vast amounts of blood. If you're running on your period, you'll need even more iron-rich food, such as beef or chicken liver, sardines, mussels, and oysters.

Indulging in nutritious and delicious pomegranates and apples can also help relieve inflammation and muscle soreness, improving muscle recovery.

5. Always keep a hygiene stash handy

Being prepared at all times is always a good thing. Always be ready in case your monthly visitor decides to drop in a few days ahead of schedule. Keep a few more tampons or pads in your running kit, so you won't ever be caught red-handed. Knowing that you have them handy will keep you from going on a frantic search for even just one emergency pad should your period suddenly come in. Throw in a pair of period undies, such as Ruby Love Period Underwear Bikini, which stretches and conforms to your curves, or Ruby Love Period Underwear High Waist, which features a full-coverage fit and worry-free technology, for added confidence and comfort.

6. Take care—wear period wear

Wearing the right period wear can give you that boost of confidence to keep on running even when you're menstruating. The perfect period clothing can save the day—and yourself from being anxious about leaks. Choosing eco-friendly period wear that's made from organic, plastic-free materials, like Ruby Love period apparel, will also allow your skin—and the environment—to breathe.

Ruby Love period wear is not only reusable and eco-friendly, but it also features a discrete, built-in absorbent organic cotton liner that is perfectly angled to collect your flow. Its Dri-Tech Mesh also has the Leak-Resistant Barrier feature that wicks away moisture, keeping you dry and comfy, especially during those long runs. Stay leak-proof and worry-free while running on your period一 shop here to find Ruby Love period apparel in the cutest styles and colors.

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