Periods After Pregnancy: What to Expect

Periods After Pregnancy: What to Expect

“What to expect when you’re expecting.” You’ll find tons of books and articles on this topic to help mothers prepare for pregnancy, but what about after pregnancy? It’s almost as if you’re left hanging after you give birth, but we’ve got you covered! Something that tons of new mothers want to know after pregnancy is what to expect from their period and luckily for you, we have the answer!


When you’re pregnant, your menstrual cycle stops. This is the process that includes both ovulation and your period, or menstruation. Since an egg has already been fertilized, the cycle of the egg traveling from the ovaries through the Fallopian tubes and to the uterus pauses for your 10-month term. Once you give birth, your body is ready to return to its regular cycle, but how soon can you expect this? How do you manage until that time comes along?


Before answering this question, the first question we’d have to ask is “will you be breastfeeding” and “if yes, how long do you plan to do so.” Breastfeeding is actually the key to how soon you’ll get your period after pregnancy. If you don’t plan to breastfeed, you can expect your period to return within approximately six to eight weeks.


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For those who plan to breastfeed, don’t expect your period to happen within that first month. It’s possible that you won’t experience your first period until you begin to wean your child off your breast milk. Why is that?


As a woman, you probably know that hormones control almost everything and this is definitely the case with breastfeeding and your menstrual cycle. Breastfeeding, or your ability to lactate, is regulated by a hormone called prolactin. This hormone is what gives your body the ability to produce breast milk, but in turn, prolactin suppresses your other reproductive hormones. This means that as long as you are actively breastfeeding and your body is producing prolactin, you can assume that your period won’t be arriving anytime soon.


While the relationship between prolactin and the rest of your reproductive hormones is certain, this doesn’t give you an exact ETA on the return of your period. Even while you are breastfeeding, it is still possible for you to get your period. As a new mother, we’re sure you don’t want to worry about staining your clothes with an unexpected cycle when you have a newborn to worry about! This is why you need PantyProp!

If you had a vaginal birth and don’t plan to breastfeed, your gynecologist will probably recommend that you stay away from tampons. While this would only last for your first post-pregnancy period, this is to prevent you from causing injury as your body attempts to heal. Why worry about that? Period panties are the perfect solution for the busy mother who wants to spend all her time focused on her child and not worrying about her menstrual cycle. With options for bikini, hipster, and high-waist styles, PantyProp’s period panties will keep you comfortable, leak-proof, and worry-free as you await the return of your period.

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