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Period Routines: Maintaining Hygiene During Menstruation

Did you know that some people believe that menstruating women shouldn't cook because they'll "pollute" the food? How about not bathing during your period because you can go crazy or weaken your baby-making powers? It's incredible that many still think these superstitions about menstrual hygiene to be true. Although some are harmless, a few of these wrong beliefs and practices can cause infections and get you sick. You'll need a period routine, with its facts all straightened out, to maintain menstrual hygiene and keep your health in pretty good shape.

Keeping a Hygienic Period Routine

Sticking to a hygienic menstrual routine that is more factual than mystical will keep you safe and well during, and even after Auntie Flo's monthly visits. Here's the nitty-gritty on why you should add a period routine to your self-care habits.

Why You Should Maintain a Period Routine

First is the smell. Though you can't see it, you just know it's there. And that's because you can easily smell it from down under. These menstrual odors have a distinct metallic whiff from the mixing of blood and iron. This can sometimes make you think that other people can sniff you out when you're deep in Shark Week. The truth is, menstrual odors aren't usually noticeable. But you'd rather not take your chances, right? Wouldn't it be safer to have a period routine that will keep out both the unwanted odors—and your paranoia? (It’s always best to see a doctor, though, if the smell gets a bit too fishy for comfort).

Another huge reason why you should keep a period routine is that you want to stay healthy and alive. Yup, it can be that serious. If you’re not the regular bathing type and are usually lazy about scrubbing your hands thoroughly, then those unsanitary habits can get you really sick, like Hepa B-sick. From irritating yeast infections to life-threatening toxic shock syndrome or TSS, you can have your pick of all sorts of health conditions and diseases from unsavory menstrual hygiene practices.

Easy-Peasy Period Routines

Maintaining hygiene during menstruation doesn’t have to be uncomplicated. Here are a few oh-so-doable routines that can help you clean up your act.

Get into the exercise habit

One of the causes of menstrual odors may not be actually coming from your vagina but from your inner thighs and folds? That's right. When your thighs sweat and rub against each other, the friction can cause inflammation and produce infections that release unwanted odors. The hot flashes and night sweats that may be part of your PMS set can make you sweat more quickly and worsen the situation.

Exercise helps you burn calories and keep off the pounds, which gets you into tip-top form. When you're in great shape, that means your thighs enjoy some breathing space between them, reducing the sweating. By working out and keeping your thighs trim, you can lessen the risk of unwanted period odors.

Clean up nicely and frequently

Take a bath every day. Whether or not you have your period, you should wash ALL your body parts, including your vagina and bottom. Cleaning every day will not only prevent harmful bacteria from causing infections, but it can also keep you smelling as sweet and fresh as a daisy. Don't forget to wash your hands frequently, especially before and after cleaning your feminine parts and handling menstrual hygiene products.

Wash carefully down there

The best way to clean your vajayjay is by wiping from front to back after peeing or pooping. This keeps the bacteria at the other end from being carried away by that one sweeping motion into the vagina or urethra (that tube where your pee exits from).

Now, if you're a "doucher," we've got bad news for you. Frequent douching can upset the natural balance of bacteria called vaginal flora that causes further infections. Consider dropping the douche into the dump bin. You really don't need it.

Scrap the chemicals

It's usual to grab the first feminine product you see on the store shelves and just go. After all, shopping for these products isn't as exciting as choosing facial creams and lotions. But careless use of ingredient-saturated products to clean your intimate areas can dry you out. All those fancy antibacterial feminine washes, vaginal deodorants, fragrances, and powders have one thing in common: harsh chemicals. They're not just irritating, but these toxic substances can also mess up your lady garden's protective acidity and cause bacterial infections.

Less is more when it comes to washing up. Ditch your feminine hygiene cleaning products for warm water. Your plain old H2O can give you all the thorough cleansing you need without any of the harsh chemicals.

Defense is the best offense

Going without a condom when the red flag is up can increase your chances (or those of your significant other), of passing on HIV, Hepa B, and other diseases. Viruses can be partying in your menstrual blood, which can increase the risk of getting sick.

Encouraging your OTP (that's your one true pairing) to have protected sex while you're on your period is smart, safe, and sexy. Need we say more?

Change often

Infrequently changing your feminine hygiene paraphernalia, like tampons and sanitary pads, can further expose you to infection. Perhaps it's hard to find the time, or sometimes, you feel like you're just not "wet enough" to go through the hassle of changing. Delay in replacing your feminine pads or tampons can cause bacteria to grow in your nether region. Wet pads can also cause skin irritation, breaking down its defensive layers against infections.

Replace your sanitary pads every 3 to 4 hours and your tampons, every 4 to 8 hours, depending on how heavy your flow is. This will keep you free from infections and prevent the embarrassment of accidental leaks.

If you want guaranteed leak-proof protection, Ruby Love's period underwear features a discrete, built-in, absorbent cotton liner that is perfectly angled to collect your flow, so you don't have to keep looking behind you.

Wear the right kind of period clothing

Using the correct period apparel can help you maintain menstrual hygiene by keeping you fresh and dry. Choose period wear with breathable material, like Ruby Love's Hipster Period Underwear, made from 100% organic cotton without any harsh chemicals, or Period Sleepwear that doesn't require tampons.

Your period routine won’t be complete without Ruby Love period apparel. Our period collections are designed with Dri-Tech Mesh patent-pending technology that helps stop front, side, and back leaks. Not only that, but it can also securely lock in our double-sided pad or sanitary pad in place if you want more protection for your heavier days. Shop here today for the perfect period apparel!

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