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Period Outfits for Winter: 9 Outfits to Wear for Maximum Style and Comfort

In a couple of weeks, days will be shorter, outdoor plants will turn brown, and some animals will hole up. Yup, we’re already halfway through autumn, and winter is just around the corner. Time for snowy days, cold weather, and bundling up. But this doesn’t mean your style has to hibernate—not even on your heavy days! Look chic while staying warm as toast with these cool period outfits for winter:

Woman in an oversized turtleneck knit sweater sitting in a high-rise unit

Ensemble #1: Warm in white

Focal Piece: Oversized turtleneck knit sweater in warm white

Period Outfit for Winter: Focal piece + period leggings

Stay snug as a bug in the rug with this cover-up in warm white. This cozy period outfit for winter embraces you from just under your chin to halfway down your mitts to fully protect you from the cold. For a chic contrast, match with black period bottoms, such as Ruby Love Period Leggings, with 100% maximum worry-free protection.

Woman in a fur coat with her head shaven

Ensemble #2: Foxy in faux fur 

Focal Piece: Faux fur coat

Period Outfit for Winter: Focal piece + jeans + winter boots +  knitted sweater + period panties

On the lookout for a foolproof winter outfit? Search no more with this foxy faux fur coat. Pair it with a  turtleneck shirt, fitted jeans, and a bold attitude, and you're guaranteed to feel comfy while looking absolutely gorgeous. Finish the getup with large gold or silver hoops for extra bling. Finally, don’t forget to put on sexy period panties, like Ruby Love Bikini Period Underwear, which you can wear with or without a pad for complete leak-proof confidence.

Woman in a black parka

Ensemble #3: Pretty in a parka 

Focal Piece: Parka 

Period Outfit for Winter: Focal piece + beret + inner wear

Passionate for Paris? Sport a Parisienne painter’s look with this parka+beret combo that will make your friends say, “Oui!”  Also, keep the frost out by choosing fresh colors like green for a more youthful vibe. Just make sure you’re wearing a few inner layers to keep you groovy instead of blustery.  And, of course, ensure your lady parts stay cuddled up and protected with Ruby Love Hipster Period Underwear, which is angled perfectly to collect your flow immediately.

Woman in pink coat holding shopping bags.

Ensemble #4: Sophisticated in Sherpa   

Focal Piece: Sherpa trench coat 

Period Outfit for Winter: Focal piece + turtleneck inner wear 

Do you swoon over sophistication? Then check out this cosmopolitan ensemble in striking geometric prints. This straight-out-of-fashion-week look will surely turn up the heat everywhere you go. Keep the temp raised with a turtleneck top in a contrasting color. At the same time, stick to the “high” road with Ruby Love High-Waist Period Underwear, with built-in absorbent and organic cotton layer that helps you fight odor and stay dry.

Woman in brown puffer jacket standing on a snow covered ground

Ensemble #5: Poised in puffer   

Focal Piece: Puffer jacket 

Period Outfit for Winter: Focal piece + cashmere sweater + jeans

Make your winter celebrations swell by donning a light puffer jacket. This getup is best when the weather is crisper and less freezing. Add it to a cashmere top, casual jeans, and Ruby Love Brief Period Underwear for a coffee date or for hanging out with friends.

Woman wearing a purple capelet and over-the-knee boots while smiling and holding a red book

Ensemble #6: Capey charm    

Focal Piece: Faux fur capelet

Period Outfit for Winter: Focal piece + over-the-knee boots + shorts + inner wear

You definitely won’t be left out in the cold with this adorable capey attire. The luxurious faux fur of the capelet will make you look and feel like a million bucks without the dowdy dowager vibes. Everything about it just spells “Y-O-U-T-H” when worn with over-the-knee boots and shorts. This outfit is perfect for when the temp is above the 70s.  Remember to layer up with undergarments, like Ruby Love’s Period Bundles. Choose from the 10-piece Black Hipster Bundle, the Ultimate Period Undie Bundle, and the 4-piece Period Underwear Bundle. These top-selling styles and colors come at an amazing value for a limited time only. Plus, each bundle has a gift to boot—a discreet carry pouch!

Woman wearing a double-breasted coat with black leggings and over-the-knee boots

Ensemble #7: Doubly disarming

Focal Piece: Double-breasted coat 

Period Outfit for Winter: Focal piece + over-the-knee leather boots + black leggings

Hold the fort with this all-black “I-mean-business” look. The smart double-breasted suit is “sultrified” by over-the-knee black leather boots and period underwear, such as Ruby Love Period Leggings, with its leak-resistant moisture-wicking barrier.

Woman smiling in a convertible winter coat

Ensemble #8: Convertibly cute 

Focal Piece: Convertible winter coat 

Period Outfit for Winter: Focal piece + mittens + beanie with ear flaps + inner wear

Enjoy two outfits in one with this “choiceful” convertible winter coat that can be worn both ways. Add some warm mittens, an ear-nuzzling beanie, and a turtleneck top for toastier comfort. For fuller coverage against the cold and your period, wear Ruby Love High-Waist Period Underwear in Classic Ruby, Latte, or Zircon.

Woman walking in a midi dress

Ensemble #9: Magnetic in midi  

Focal Piece: Midi dress 

Period Outfit for Winter: Focal piece + cashmere sweater 

Celebrate femininity and fashion, even in winter, with this soft and fluid midi dress. Throw on a sumptuous cashmere sweater for some warmth with minimal effort—no need for piecing separates together! Underneath, don a pair of Ruby Love Period Panties in Bikini, Hipster, Brief, or High-Waist styles. Each type of underwear boasts of built-in all-day protection of up to 2.5 tampons’ worth of absorbency—absolutely no tampons required.

The Ultimate Period Essential for Winter

No period outfit for winter will be complete without the security and confidence that only Ruby Love Period apparel can give. All our period collections are designed with a smart, intuitive, patent-pending technology called Dri-Tech Mesh. This offers maximum absorption, protection against leaks and stains, peace of mind, and complete discretion. With Ruby Love,  period days can be like every other day—in winter, spring, summer, or fall! So prepare your period outfits for winter and shop our collections today!

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