How to Talk to Your Daughter About Their First Period

How to Talk to Your Daughter About Their First Period

By Kendall Paolicelli

  1. Check your Vocabulary About Periods

A period is a wonderful, coming of age moment to be shared with your daughter. While yes, there are certain parts to a period that aren’t so great, the bigger picture shines through on your daughter becoming a woman. Try to use positive adjectives instead of negative adjectives to avoid intimidating your daughter.

  1. Put An End to Common Period Myths

Let your daughter speak about the true facts or untrue myths she might have heard from friends or in school. Make sure you are properly brushed up on period facts so you can properly educate your daughter on what to expect while on her cycle.

  1. Teach Her About Period Products & Be Hands on with Them

Teach her the difference between pads and tampons and the benefits of using sustainable, reusable period wear versus disposable products. Demonstrate to her how each product is used and let her ask questions. Let it be her choice which product she wants to use going forward and remind her that her comfort is priority #1 while on her period.

  1. Let Her Know Every Girl & Woman Experience Periods

It is important to stress that every female is going to have their period. So teach her to lend a pad to a friend when it's needed and walk behind the girl who leaked on her pants to the bathroom so no one sees even if she doesn't know her. Tell her that Women are still capable of doing amazing things even when Aunt Flo comes to town.

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