How to Sleep Better on Your Period

How to Sleep Better on Your Period

There are probably a few things that you dread while on your period like cramping, bloating, and cravings.

You might be even luckier to experience diarrhea or sensitivity to pain. This list might just add to your growing awareness of your wardrobe because who has time for leaks? As if this wasn’t enough, many of us can probably attest to the discomfort that you might feel while sleeping. Not only are you probably feeling restless, but your cramps might be ever present, and a spontaneous leak is always on the mind. If you’re looking to ease your mind while on your period, look no further!

When it’s time for a woman to go to sleep on her period, she might find that she has to deal with numerous problems. One, she might be restless. Two, she’s dealing with painful cramps. Three, she’s trying to avoid leaks. If you’re dealing with all these problems, a good night’s rest seems out of reach, but not anymore. Let’s tackle each and every one of these problems!


While you’re on your period, you might realize that you can’t sleep as easily as you normally can. If you’re experiencing a change in your sleeping pattern while you’re on your period, there’s a reason that’s happening! During your menstrual cycle, your hormones, estrogen, and progesterone specifically, fluctuate like crazy. When you’re on your period, your progesterone levels decrease significantly. Progesterone is known to work as a mild sedative, so this decrease during your period is likely the cause of your late nights.

If you want to counter this, try a sleep supplement like melatonin. Said to help induce sleep, melatonin IS NOT meant for daily use and is best to be taken when needed. If you’re suffering from late nights for 2-3 days during your period, feel free to talk to your doctor about this option!


If there’s one thing that is certainly uncomfortable during your period, it’s the cramping! While many of us hope we can escape it while we’re asleep, we can’t. What you don’t realize is that you might be making it worse with the position you sleep in. For those who experience painful cramps, stay off of your stomach. While it might be a comfortable position every other night, this position actually puts pressure on your uterus leading to more cramps. Rather than sleeping on your stomach, sleep in a fetal position. It’s been said that sleeping on your side will help relieve the pressure from your uterus and lead to fewer cramps!


Whether you’re awake or asleep, there’s one thing that’s constantly on our minds while we have our period – leaks. No one wants to wake up with a mess in the morning, but you can avoid it! While sleeping in a fetus position will help relieve cramps, it will also diminish the number of leaks you experience.


Another easy way to deal with your leaks is by not worrying about them, and you can do that with Ruby Love period underwear! When you go to sleep, your pad can move, and you might wake up to find blood on your underwear. You won’t have that problem with Ruby Love, because your hygiene product IS your underwear! With options from bikini to hipster, you’ll have leak-proof protection all night long.


Are you ready for a night of better rest? It seems that our periods come with tons of hassle and complication, but there are ways to make the process smoother. Test out these tips, and you’ll be one step closer to peaceful sleep during that time of the month.

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