How to Crush Your 2018 Workout Goals... Even on Your Period

How to Crush Your 2018 Workout Goals... Even on Your Period

p>It’s time to get fit! Whether you set a resolution at the beginning of the year or you’re revamping your lifestyle as summer rolls around, you might have a workout plan that you’re planning to crush! If you’re looking to lose weight, your workout goals might help you shed 20 pounds.

Some of you might simply want to incorporate exercise into your weekly routine. Regardless of what your goals are, they might become a bit more difficult when you realize that you have to consider your period. Don’t fret! Here are a few tips on how to crush your workout goals this year, even when you’re on your period.

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There are tons of myths surrounding a women’s period. Many of them range from absolutely ridiculous to questionable. Some of the more ridiculous ones might tell you to watch out for sharks or not to wash your hair. Some of the questionable myths that people harp on are “you shouldn’t exercise” and “you can pass out from blood loss.” Both these myths might stop women from exercise, but we’re kicking those myths to the curb!

While it might feel like a lot, on average, a woman only loses 2-3 tablespoons of blood throughout her entire period. And while a bout of laziness might allow you to believe that you shouldn’t exercise on your period, you definitely can. Just think about all of the Olympians who probably won a gold medal while on theirs!

Although it’s great to know that you can exercise while on your period, here are a few tips to keep you going!

Plan for your period week.

Many people follow a routine for the gym, and this includes doing a variety of specific exercises every week. In order to crush your workout goals while on your period, plan ahead! While you’re still able to do everything during that time of the month, you might also find that you’re more tired.

In order to counter this, you should plan more intense workouts the weeks before and after your period. Fatigue is a symptom that many women deal with during their period, so don’t be afraid to take it lightly for a few days!

Use a heating pad prior to getting there.

While it’s not recommended to use painkillers before heading to the gym, you might find that your cramps are unbearable. If you want to relieve them so you can power through your workout, get yourself a heating pad. By using it before your workout, it’ll help relieve the pain long enough for you to knock out a few sets.

Keep your gym bag stocked with feminine hygiene products.

There are very few things that are more uncomfortable than the feel of your period while you’re working out. Not only do you have to worry about sweat, but you might have to worry about leaks too. “Ain’t nobody got time for that!”

Regardless of whether you’re on your period or not, keep your gym bag stocked with products! While tampons and pads always leave a feeling of anxiety about leaks, try our PantyProp period panties. Less bulky than pads and more reassuring than tampons, they’ll leave you feeling secure and worry-free!

If you’re ready to workout, there’s no reason you should let your period stop you! Your period shouldn’t stand in the way of your life, and with these tips, they definitely won’t stand in the way of your workout goals!

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