4 Things You Inevitably Do When You Get Your Period

4 Things You Inevitably Do When You Get Your Period

It’s that time of the month again! How are you spending the next few days? Are you still headed out to the gym to keep up with your exercise regimen? Are you keeping your diet fresh and healthy? While you’d probably like to say yes, there’s a big probability that this isn’t the case.


There are a few things that we all do when we get our periods, and while they might not be the best things for us, they help get us through those few days. In an effort to stop these habits, let’s put a spotlight on the things we inevitably do on our period.


Eating Junk Food

NOM NOM NOM. Let’s face it. Junk food tastes amazing. Why is it that it seems as if the flavor content goes up by 100 while we’re on our period? When the time of the month rolls around, our bodies crave junk food even more. With endless options of greasy burgers, salty chips, and sweet ice cream, our taste buds are overflowing. It might be hard to say no, but what if we told you that they exacerbate all your period symptoms.


Sugar and salty foods can make your period symptoms worse. While salty foods can increase bloating, your beloved sweets might be causing your cramps to hurt even more.


Skip the Gym

We can probably give props to all the women to go to the gym while on their period, but we all know that skipping a gym day (or three) is normal during your period. This is something you definitely want to shy away from! Exercise can be extremely great while on your period.


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While you might feel tired and drained, no one is telling you to attend a Crossfit course! Light exercise is the answer! A light jog or walk is a great way to stay active when your body might not necessarily be here for it!


Become One With the Bed

What’s the one thing most of us want to do while on our periods? Lay in bed! There’s nothing better than burrowing ourselves into our sheets with a delicious snack and an almost-full DVR. While we touched on it in our previous note, try to stay as active as possible!


While being a couch potato (or bed potato) might feel like the answer to all of our period problems, it’s not! You’re actually increasing your chances for more cramps and bloating.


Drink More Caffeine

“America runs on Dunkin,” right? America runs on caffeine in general, and you might fall into that category. While coffee might be a daily thing for you, you’re probably reaching for it more while you’re on your period. One common symptom of PMS is fatigue, and you might need that extra shot of espresso to keep you awake.


What you don’t realize is that caffeine is making your PMS worse. Not only can it make you more anxious, but it can also cause those cramps to occur more frequently and with more strength.


We all have our bad habits, but it seems that our period just makes them worse! They do say that the first step to recovering is admitting that you have a problem. Let’s hope that isolating these bad habits will help us all overcome them!


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