Teen Gift Guide 2019

Teen Gift Guide 2019

The air is getting colder, days are getting shorter, and holiday music is starting before Thanksgiving is over. This can only mean one thing: ‘tis the holiday season! And with it, something we’re all anxious about: gift-giving. Finding the perfect gift for your young teenage daughter might be especially hard since you might not know “what’s cool,” so here are a few ideas that will make your teen jump for joy!


First Period Kit

This is perfect for girls between the ages of 10 & 15 who haven’t gotten their period yet. The Ruby Love First Period Kit gives her a bunch of little gifts all wrapped up in one big present! It’s the perfect beginner kit that will prepare her for when Aunt Flo comes to town (now or in the next few years). It has everything she needs during her period, including Ruby Love leak-proof period underwear, a discreet carrying case for pads, cozy socks, a stress ball, a heating pad, and many other goodies that will make her first period a breeze!


Portable Phone Charger

Teens always have their phones attached to their hip and are always looking to avoid one thing: 0% battery life. Not only does a dead battery mean they can’t use their phone to scroll through Instagram for hours on end, but now they can’t call or text you in an emergency, which is every parent’s nightmare. So in theory, this is a present for you more than your teen!


Experience Gifts

The latest gift-giving craze going around isn’t a physical gift at all… it’s an experience! The perfect gift for your daughter might just be some good ol’ fashioned quality time with her. You can get her tickets to a show, a museum, an art gallery, or anything else you think she might like to do! Moms everywhere happily report that their daughters tend to remember experience gifts more than trendy item-of-the-year gifts.


Ruby Love Sleepsuits

Nothing screams holiday gift like new pajamas, and Ruby Love period-proof sleepsuits are perfect for your tween/teen. These are made specifically to protect against nighttime leaks and stains so your daughter never has to worry about waking up to an unwanted surprise.


Hair Tie Bracelet

If your daughter is prone to losing her hair ties all the time, the gift of a hair tie bracelet is perfect for her! Not only will this keep your daughter from losing her hair tie, but it will also save you money in the long run because you won’t have to keep buying them! It’s a win-win!


We hope this gift guide gives you a little more insight into what to get your daughter for the holiday season! If you’re looking for even more ideas, check out all we have to offer on RubyLove.com!


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