First Period Essentials

First Period Essentials

Puberty is hard, you don't have to tell us twice! Hair is growing in new places, you might get acne, your hormones are raging, and last but not least... periods! Aunt Flo is coming to visit whether you like it or not. But hey, there is nothing to be scared about. This is something that happens to every woman at some point in their adolescence and your best defense against your period is to learn everything you can about it! Including some essentials, you'll want to have when that time of the month hits.


First Period Kit

This first one may seem like a no brainer but the First Period Kits from Ruby Love have EVERYTHING (seriously everything) you need when you get your very first period. There are adorable socks to make you feel cozy, a lip balm to keep your lips moisturized, a discreet cosmetic case to stick extra pads, and you even get a pair of Ruby Love leak-proof underwear to help combat the worry of stains. Not only do you get all of this fun stuff but you also get it all wrapped up in a cute keepsake box! What could be better than that?!



Who doesn’t love biting into a big bar of chocolate? We know we do! So it's no surprise that this sweet treat is on our list. But did you know that chocolate is actually good for you while on your period? It’s true! Dark chocolate is known to help reduce cramps because it contains magnesium, which alleviates the pain associated with muscle spasms AKA cramps. It also has endorphins, which are the happy hormones that make you feel good! So if your period is making you feel a little blue, grab yourself a square or two of dark chocolate!




Monthly Period Kit

If the First Period Kit wasn’t enough and you need MORE period essentials and fun gifts than the Monthly Period Kit is perfect for you! Not only does this kit contain a signature Ruby Love leak-proof underwear, but it also comes with Ruby Love’s Double-Sided Pad! The use of this pad along with a Ruby Love period-proof underwear equals up to 6 tampons worth of flow! How amazing is that!? This kit also has cute themed items specified for each month! Everything you need and more delivered to your door each month? Yes, please!


Heating Pad

You may be asking yourself, “Okay but why a heating pad?” well, the answer is simple... Cramps! Sorry, we didn’t mean to get so excited over cramps but we just love this hack! Using a heating pad on your abdomen will greatly help reduce some of those cramps you’ll be having. This is because the heat from the heating pad helps to relax your muscles that are contracting which are causing the cramps.


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