4 Most Common PMS Symptoms

4 Most Common PMS Symptoms

We’ve talked a lot about PMS symptoms and how to make those symptoms feel like they don't exist, but we never talked about why some of the MOST common symptoms happen. Whether it's physical symptoms like cramps or breast tenderness, to more mental symptoms like mood swings or just feeling blue, there's a reason for everything you are feeling during your period.



Ah yes, the symptom you feel before AND during your period… fun! The reason for these cramps that make you feel like a million knives are stabbing you in your uterus over and over and over again?! Welp, during your period, your uterus contracts, which basically means it’s getting squeezed. But the reason for this contracting and squeezing is so that it can expel the uterine lining it built up when getting ready for egg fertilization. So when that doesn't happen, you get cramps that make you crazy! A good way to help those cramps not feel so bad is heat! Yes, the heat really works!! You can use a hot water bottle, a heating pad, or even a tube sock with rice heated up in the microwave! If you are experiencing cramps that are debilitating and completely keeping you from being able to live your life, you should see a doctor ASAP because that could be indicating a bigger problem.


Breast Tenderness

Yup, your boobs might get sore, welcome to womanhood! This happens because during your period, your hormones go wild and the estrogen and progesterone in your body are all out of whack. Estrogen causes the breast ducts to enlarge. Progesterone production causes the milk glands to swell. Both of these can cause your breasts to feel sore. A good way to help your breasts not feel so tender is with a cold ice pack. It will numb the soreness and even help your ducts and milk glands to not swell so much.



Not only do you have your raging hormones to thank for tender breasts but they also give you… drum roll, please… Headaches!!!! Yeah, so that is super fun. A steady estrogen level helps to keep headaches at bay but when they fluctuate as they do on your period, that's a recipe for a splitting headache. There are so many ways to combat this. You can take over-the-counter ibuprofen (if you’re allowed to, ask your parents first) or you can go the natural route with a cold compress and some essential oils! Whatever you decide works best for you in the long run!



Mood Swings

As mentioned before there are also a few mental symptoms during your period that you might experience. And don’t worry, those types of symptoms are totally normal to experience and you will go back to feeling like your normal self in no time. One big mental health symptoms you might feel is mood swings. People love to make women feel like less because they get “moody” during their period. So what if we do? It’s because we are dealing with a hormone imbalance during this week! So sue us! Your hormones will be raging as we have learned and any “moodiness” you might be feeling is completely and totally valid. If you want to learn a few great ways to combat this feeling, take a look at this blog about how to beat those period blues! Sit back and relax because it’s time to treat yourself!


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