What to Teach Your Daughter About Aunt Flo... Before It Arrives

What to Teach Your Daughter About Aunt Flo... Before It Arrives

It’s that time of the month…again! While you might be tracking your period every month, if you have a young daughter, you’re probably waiting for her first visit from Aunt Flo. There’s a likely chance that you remember when you first got your period.


Were you scared and anxious? Were you ready and prepared? Many girls are thrown into their menstrual cycle without any knowledge of what’s really happening!


Let’s make sure that’s not your daughter. Here are a few points to teach your daughter before Aunt Flo comes knocking at her door!


What Is Your Period?


This might be the most important question you can answer for your daughter. While every woman gets a menstrual cycle, many of them don’t understand or know its significance. Your period is a signal that your body is physically ready to have children!


The ovaries release an egg (or ova) into the Fallopian tubes. Here, the egg stays and waits to be fertilized. If the egg gets fertilized, it travels down to the uterus where it starts to form into what would eventually become a full-grown baby.


If the egg does not get fertilized, this is what causes your period. The egg still travels down to the uterus, but this is when the walls of the uterus begin to shed. The blood that you expel during your period is the uterine lining and the egg as well!


Who Gets a Period? When?


While the answer to the first question is simple, the second one isn’t as much! The menstrual cycle is exclusive to females because it happens within the female reproductive system. When girls get their period varies. The average is considered 12, but a girl can get her period from as young as 8 to as old as her late teens.


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How Often Will You Get It? How Long Is It?


A menstrual cycle varies from woman to woman. While the average is considered 28 days, the entire cycle can range from three to five weeks. The length of your period also varies. Five days is also considered the average, but your period can range from two days to an entire week.


Will You Feel Different?


When a young girl gets her period, she might feel a bit uncomfortable with this new phenomenon. We could probably all attest to the fact that you get used to it! It’s important to explain that it’s okay to feel a bit awkward once you get your period, but most girls and women are going through the same thing!


Another thing to stress is the symptoms that often come with having your period. While some girls and women don’t have any, there are others who certainly do! Headaches, abdominal cramps, breast tenderness, muscle aches, and bloating are all associated with having your period, so make sure she knows what could happen to her.


What Feminine Hygiene Products Can You Use?


While you’re teaching your daughter about her period, it’s important that she knows how to manage it and what products might work best for her! Everywhere you look, she’d find the classic pads and tampons. In recent years, we’ve seen the rise of period panties and menstrual cups.


She’ll have to decide which product works best for her, but going over her options will help her! You can also make things easier for her by getting your daughter PantyProp's First Period Kit. It has everything, she’ll need to handle Aunt Flo without any worry.


These are the basics your daughter would need to know before getting her period, but we’re sure the conversation will bring up even more questions. If you don’t know the answers, don’t be afraid to admit it. All girls and women are constantly learning about their period as time goes on, so there’s no issue with you and your daughter learning together! When Aunt Flo comes knocking at your daughter’s door, she’ll be able to greet her with all her knowledge.


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