What Are the Best Alternatives to Tampons When Swimming?

What Are the Best Alternatives to Tampons When Swimming?

Swimming when you have your period can be quite the ordeal. A lot of women think that a tampon is the only answer, but this is not true, and tampons can be uncomfortable and filled with chemicals that you might not feel comfortable inserting in your lady parts.

There are more environmentally safe and cheaper alternatives to using tampons that a lot of women have not considered. Here are the best options for swimming.


Leak-Proof Swimwear

Not only are leak-proof underwear on the market, but there are leak-proof bathing suits as well. PantyProp makes excellent swimsuits that cater to your monthly flow.

Not only are these suits stylish and available in numerous colors and sizes, but they offer a protective layer of all-day protection even in the water! PantyProp offers one piece and two piece bathing suits, and by looking at them, you would never know that they are specifically designed for swimming with Aunt Flow.

PantyProp has suits for women, teens, and they even offer leak-proof underwear for men (after all, they do tend to get quite sweaty)! So you could buy something for the whole family. This product presents the easiest solution for swimming because there is literally no change required to your routine.


Menstrual Cups

You could also use a reusable menstrual cup. This product is pretty much what it sounds like, a cup that catches your menstrual flow that fits inside your vagina. Not only does this product save you a lot of money, but menstrual cups also do not need to be changed as often as tampons, although you should change it before and after going in the water.

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Although some women find these cups a bit difficult to get used to, once used a couple of times, they are solid options for when you choose to go for a swim.


Sea Sponge

Another environmental alternative to tampons, which are usually loaded with chemicals, are sea sponges. Yes, this sounds a bit outlandish, but they do work and mimic the effects of a tampon naturally. There are sea sponges on the market that are intended for period purposes, and these, of course, are the ones that you want to buy.

When you use a sea sponge before swimming, make sure to wash it and squeeze out the excess water, then mold it into your vagina. Since sea sponges, like tampons, still have a risk of causing toxic shock syndrome, make sure that you change the product right after your swim.

So don’t feel that you have to be chained to a tampon when you go to the beach. Know that there are various options that you may want to consider. Maybe you are looking for environmentally safe products or are just sick of dishing out wads of cash to cover your tampon expense, or maybe you want to explore other options for comfort; whatever the reason, check out the products above and keep that trip to the beach!

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