Will Your Pad Blow Up if You Go Swimming on Your Period? NOT with PantyProp Swimwear

Will Your Pad Blow Up if You Go Swimming on Your Period? NOT with PantyProp Swimwear

For some time, there have been numerous myths and untruths around a woman’s menstrual cycle. These range from the funny to the plain insane. For example, in Afghanistan women are told not to bathe during a period as it will cause infertility, and in India, it is believed that a menstruating woman cannot cook because the food will be contaminated and turn bad.

These myths and untruths are still believed today due to no information and lack of guidance for young girls. The one myth shared by most cultures around the world is that a woman’s period is debilitating. Some of these beliefs are not only beyond the absurd but are potentially harmful as they can lead to dangerous unhygienic practices.

There are even further untruths and misconceptions around sanitary pads, tampons, and menstrual cups as well. For example, it is believed by some that a tampon will swell to the same size when inserted in a woman as it would in a glass of water.

What they do not realize is that water and menstrual blood is not made of the same chemical structure and that the tampon will react differently. In Bolivia, it is believed that throwing out sanitary pads with regular trash will cause cancer.

Some women believe, and repeat this belief to other women, that swimming with a pad will result in it blowing up. I do not know where to start addressing how incorrect and damaging these beliefs are. However, there is a ray of hope as people, organizations and businesses address and fight against these untruths surrounding menstruation and sanitary ware.

PantyProp has specifically designed swimwear to help women still enjoy a day at the beach to swim, surf or scuba dive. The proprietary tech gusset is period-approved and ready to use for any water activity or just a day of poolside lounging. The design allows women to use the swimwear without a pad or with a sanitary towel, tampon or cup for further protection. It secures the pad perfectly in place, therefore will not fall out or flip over.

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PantyProp’s design has a built-in absorbent liner that sits securely under the vulva to collect the menstrual flow. The swimwear can hold up to two tampons worth of menstrual flow which allows for an extended time of peace of mind and comfort. Further, the swimwear is stylish and offers various designs and types to choose from. PantyProp offers two-pieces, one-pieces and bottoms only, which means you can grab more than one for that beach vacation.

The swimwear boasts a bigger crotch area than a standard swimsuit to hold a sanitary pad in place and to guarantee that the pad will remain in place. And no, the pad will not blow up. PantyProp uses regular swimsuit material to manufacture their swimwear, it comes in a variety of colors, and its design was created purely for the function of holding a pad in place.

PantyProp has taken the worry out of beach and pool days when on your period. Going to the beach is a hassle-free experience, and you can swim any time of the month.

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