Clever Ways to Beat Bloating

Clever Ways to Beat Bloating

Clever Ways to Beat Bloating


Most of us know that feeling at least once a month—we reach for our favorite, tried-and-tested pair of body-hugging jeans that fit just fine last week but today, no matter how much we jump, wiggle and suck in our gut there is no way these jeans are buttoning up. Or if you’re lucky you’re at least able to get them on—albeit with a lot more discomfort than you’re accustomed to. In fact an estimated 70% of us struggle with this nuisance – a killjoy of our fabulousness--at least once each month.


Oh the joys of monthly bloating. One of the many PMS symptoms that we get to have each and every month. But it doesn’t have to be this way. We’ll go over some tips to help you beat the battle with bloat so that you can comfortably fit in your favorite pair of curve-hugging jeans all month long. But to do so first we have to discover what causes bloating.


What are the Causes of Bloating?

Bloating is caused by—can we get a drum roll here—your hormones. More specifically the fluctuation of estrogen and progesterone in your body. As the levels of these hormones shift in your body they can cause you to retain more water than you usually do. And depending on your body type this can cause your body to retain extra fluid in your tummy, fingers, ankles or even your breasts.


And despite the popular misconception, bloating doesn’t just happen during your period, it can also occur anytime during your entire menstrual cycle. Now that we know what the root cause of bloating is let’s tackle ways to stop the bloat.


How to Relieve Bloating

One way to relieve bloating is to switch up your diet to one that is loaded with potassium and protein. These foods will help your body eliminate the extra fluid and will help curb bloating. Reach for foods like salmon, chicken, bananas, asparagus, melons and herbal teas. Broccoli, cauliflower and beans are major gas producers, but since they're also super healthy, we suggest eating less when you're bloated, not cutting them out altogether. Also, avoid sodas and alcohol and your body will thank you.


We know you’ve heard this over and over—but getting a little exercise in won’t hurt. Getting in even just a few minutes of cardio can really kick belly bloat. If you’re really having a hard time finding the motivation to exercise try a low impact exercise like walking or yoga. Make sure to also dress in loose, comfortable clothing like a period body suit or period leggings. These will not only keep you comfortable but will keep you feeling dry as well if you’re on your period. And don’t forget to drink plenty of water while you’re at it. In fact at least 6-8 glasses of water. This will help your body expel the excess water it’s retaining as well.


Last but not least, get some sleep. Getting 6-8 hours of rest allows your body ample time to process excess fluid so that it can be eliminated.


So the next time you’re having trouble zipping up your favorite pair of skinny jeans give these tips a try. You’ll be back in your fave jeans in no time!


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