Crocheted Tampons- A Washable and Reusable Sanitary Product for Women

Crocheted Tampons- A Washable and Reusable Sanitary Product for Women

Crocheted Tampons- A Washable and Reusable Sanitary Product for Women


Tampons are one of the most popular sanitary products used by women during their menstrual period. Many doctors have accepted conventional tampons as a good solution for menstrual protection. However, there is a growing population of women who fear that these sanitary products could lead to cancer or development of endometriosis. Today, there are many different kinds of tampons available, both one-time use and reusable! If you’ve never heard of reusable tampons or are looking for the best option of reusable/washable tampons, then you might want to learn more about crochet tampons.


What are Crocheted Tampons?

Crocheted tampons are usually made of an organic bamboo cotton fiber. This is so that, unlike conventional tampons, you can rest assured that there are no chemicals inside the tampons. In order to use these tampons, you just have to insert them with a tampon applicator and once inserted, just wash the applicator and store somewhere in a hygienic area. When you need to change your crochet tampon, just take it out as you would with a normal tampon rather than flushing it down the toilet. Then, you can hand wash it or wash it in a washing machine with a hypoallergenic detergent. Once it has dried, you would simply fold it back into its applicator and it's ready for use again.


Advantages of Crocheted Tampons

Crocheted tampons offer a plethora of benefits, especially the fact that they are reusable and contribute less waste to the environment. As compared to menstrual cups, these are oftentimes cheaper --especially since they're currently not subject to the "Tampon Tax". Lastly, if you know how to crochet, you can make these tampons easily at home.


Disadvantages of Crochet Tampons

On the other hand, when it comes to disadvantages, these can be difficult to clean and there are currently no studies on whether these can cause TSS (Toxic Shock Syndrome).


Purchasing Online

Purchasing crochet tampons is relatively easy because of their availability online. They can be knit, sewn or in crochet form. Many women buy baby cotton socks and then use it to make tampons.


The Making of Reusable (Washable) Tampons

The making of the sewn version is accomplished by cutting a rectangle cloth and then sewing it like a tube and then filling it with some absorbent material like cotton terry or bamboo fleece. Then the sewn tampon is sewn shut at its opening with a string. The benefit of the sewn version is that it can be used the same as a disposable tampon and requires no fiddling or rolling around with.


On the other hand, knit or crochet tampons can be made using bamboo yarn and cotton. Crochet tampons have a curved top and a flat roll up section in order to give a rounded end to the tampon for more easy insertion. Knitted tampons use a rectangle or square knit and a "stocking stitch" that can be rolled easily. This makes it easier for removal and insertion in both cases.


Crochet tampons are reusable and washable, as mentioned above, and are usually made of pure cotton. The typical size of a crocheted tampon is approx 2 cm wide and 5 cm long. Most of the time they come with 2 strings but when you use them, only one string will be visible. Crochet tampons work perfectly with reusable period panties to catch any stray stains you may encounter from them. Learn more about washable period panties here.

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