NuvaRing: The Birth Control That Lets You Keep Your Period

NuvaRing: The Birth Control That Lets You Keep Your Period

NuvaRing: The Birth Control That Lets You Keep Your Period For many women, finding the perfect family planning method to use can be quite difficult. Contraceptive pills which are the most commonly used form of birth control can be seen to have a lot of undesirable effects for some women. For others, it is just tedious to remember to take the pill daily. The consequence of not taking the pills on a continuous basis is that one has to start anew or expect a probable pregnancy. Well, NuvaRing is a solution for women who want to enjoy having sex but do not wish to get pregnant. NuvaRing is a little ring that is inserted into the vagina to alter the way the female reproductive system works. So how exactly does it work? How NuvaRing Works Just like the other main forms of contraceptives, Nuva Ring works by releasing the female hormones known to inhibit pregnancy. These are the estrogen and progestin hormones. Once the ring has been inserted into the vagina it is to stay there for three weeks. During this time, it stops the ovaries from producing any viable eggs. Yet, if by any chance ova are produced, the ring creates a hostile environment for sperm so that no fertilization can take place. After three weeks, the ring is to be removed to give one an opportunity to have her period. After the period is over, a new ring is inserted there once again. A common problem many women face when using pills is that their periods become irregular and sometimes they may totally miss them. This can cause a lot of worry as one may think that they are pregnant when in fact they're not. They may also experience longer and heavier periods when they actually come. The advantage with Nuva Ring is that one gets their period every month. Even better, the periods are usually lighter and less painful for those who suffer from menstrual cramps. Possible side effects and risks It is quite important to see a gynecologist first before selecting a particular method of family planning. This way, your doctor will be able to determine what is suitable for you as not all the contraceptives are suitable for all women. This is the same situation with Nuva Ring as there are some women who should not use it. For instance women who take drugs, alcohol and smoke should avoid this contraceptive as it makes them vulnerable to chronic diseases. Women who have issues with their heart or blood pressure should also restrain from using it as it can worsen the situation. Furthermore, if you are above 40 years or are approaching menopause, you should consider other alternative methods which will be more effective. Women react to the ring differently. Some just experience a few issues like nausea and sensitivity of the breasts. For others, it may cause more harm than good as it causes vaginal discomfort and problems in the reproductive system. Conclusion Sadly in many homes and relationships, the burden of family planning is usually with the woman. The good thing is that Nuva Ring may be a better option than the traditional contraceptives as it

is a very effective birth control method if used in the proper manner.



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