Should I Wash My Hair During My Period? Is it unsafe?

Should I Wash My Hair During My Period? Is it unsafe?

Is it safe to wash my hair during my period?


There is one question that arises very often, even these days: "Should I wash my hair during my period? Is it really unsafe?" It is widely believed that during menstruation you should not bathe, shower or wash your hair. This belief is probably a legacy from the past when not all houses had running hot water. This is yet another period myth which may have started from prior times when people used to go to rivers or lakes for bringing drinking water, washing and for other household chores. These areas were public places and bathing during periods may have brought on shame for women and unpleasant feelings for others.


Period Myth Debunked by Modern Conveniences This could be a conceivable explanation behind discouraging bleeding girls and women from bathing and washing their hair. Thankfully, today many people have their own bathrooms so the suggestion of not washing your hair during your period or even bathing is an obsolete myth or misinterpretation that was spread from older women, usually grandmothers to their daughters and granddaughters. There is no demonstrated logical or therapeutic proof which supports the idea that a good hair washing should not be done during your monthly cycle. Some mothers and grandmothers mistakenly keep telling young women that they shouldn't wash their hair at all during their monthly menses or they'll get serious disease (like cancer) later on in their lives or even have difficulties during pregnancy.


Connection Between Hair Washing and Serious Diseases

There is absolutely no connection between shampooing your hair and developing a serious disease. Some faulty theories in the past claimed that a change in head temperature would prompt changes in hormonal development--leading to disease. There are no studies to demonstrate that hair washing during periods causes any kind of disease and those hypotheses are off the table now. Not bathing during this time can actually cause problems.


Personal Hygiene During Your Period During Aunt Flow's visit it is very important to maintain your personal hygiene (showering, bathing and washing your hair). Some women actually sweat more during menstruation, which is why it is recommended to shower at least once a day while you're menstruating. This extra moisture can cause the perfect habitat for bad bacteria so it is also recommended that you use period panties. Period panties are special underwear that can keep you drier down there because they wick the moisture away from your delicate areas. Your hair can also become more oily during menstruation and it may require you to wash it more often.


Alternatives to Washing Your Hair During Menstruation

Many women report that the heat from a nice hot shower can help alleviate period symptoms like menstrual cramps. Even so, some women say that their hair looks duller or even their scalp is more tender when they handle their hair during their monthly cycle. If you happen to experience these consider getting a dry shampoo and use it as needed to keep oiliness at bay. If you don't have dry shampoo then try baby powder. Also if you suffer from extremely painful cramps, you might not be able to shower and that's completely normal too. Try freshening yourself up with some feminine wipes. These will help you smell and feel clean. Then follow with a pair of clean period underwear to stay feeling fresh longer. Bundle up warm and wash your hair when you feel better. So in essence, the answer for the question from the beginning of this post is: "It is perfectly safe to wash your hair during menstruation." You can do all the things you enjoy when you're not on your period. #DoAnything! Sure, you probably would not want to take a shower and wash your hair with ice cold water. (That would constrict your blood vessels and may stop the bleeding which may lead to uncomfortable cramps). But whatever floats your boat. The fact that some activities may be less pleasant during menstruation does not mean that they are dangerous for your health, now and in the future. Many myths from the past are obsolete. Today, the woman who is menstruating is a healthy woman and can engage in any activity she prefers.

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