Are organic tampons really safe?

Are organic tampons really safe?


It is good to go green and that is why most people today shop for organic foods, fruits or even apply natural products. This trend went on until feminine hygiene products like organic tampons were developed. Since these products are used in the body, it is possible for women or health experts to raise concerns about their safety. Even though it is a personal issue and decision to know whether the organic ones are safer than the regular ones, this article will help you decide.

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Difference between regular and organic tampons

- Regular tampons have cotton and rayon of which the cotton contains pesticides and chlorine. Chlorine is commonly used to bleach raw materials leaving dioxins as residues. According experts, carcinogens or dioxins can cause hormonal issues or cancer. The fibers contained in these tampons can also lead to bacterial infections especially when one pulls them out. These tampons also have fragrances and chemical applicators which can cause itchiness, burning sensations or other infections of the vulva.


- Organic tampons have organic cotton so that means that they don’t have pesticides. Their applicators are also made of sustainable materials which are nor really harmful.


Safety and Toxic Shock Syndrome

- The vagina has membranes which have mucus that protects it from bacteria. This also increases chemical absorption or anything that gets in it. Most companies manufacturing the organic tampons take advantage of that and advice women to use the organic ones even though there is no enough proof showing that they are chemical-free. Other consumers believe that the cotton used in making the tampons were not planted with pesticides thus preferring the organic ones.


- Some companies use hydrogen peroxide to bleach cotton in organic tampons because it does not produce harmful residues like carcinogen. However, since the peroxide is expensive, they end up using chlorine instead hence increasing the risk of toxic shock syndrome (TSS). Not all information is shared with the public and that is why it is hard to know whether the ingredients found in organic tampons are genuine.


- A certain research however claims that the Streptococcus pyogenes present in the vagina is the one which causes TSS instead of the tampons. The microbiologist states that most women have the bacteria and a tampon only plays a small role in causing TSS. However, one should not take chances but use the organic ones.




- As mentioned before, using organic or regular tampons depends on a person’s preference but doctors mostly recommend the organic ones. Even though they are safer, note that there is no enough evidence to support it. Everything has both advantages and disadvantages so don’t get scared if you react to organic tampons.


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