Sea Sponge Tampons - Is it Safe?

Sea Sponge Tampons - Is it Safe?

Sea sponge tampons were created by a house wife who knew first-hand the struggles women face when it comes to that time of the month. Having used pads, tampons, and the menstrual cup there was complications and setbacks to each product. Unlike pads, tampon, and the cup the sea sponge tampon is a natural and healthier option for women who are experiencing issues with that time of the month, just like PantyProp's period underwear.




Its unique design is something that has been said were used by woman long ago. They are sponges so that means that they absorb your menstrual blood. Just like when you are cleaning a counter, and the sponge absorbs the water, you would then drain and rinse the sponge to clean. It’s the same concept here.


There are many benefits to using the sea sponge tampon one which is that it will essentially over time save you money. With this method, you will be sure to know that you are always protected. They are more comfortable to wear, and insert than tampons. You don’t have to worry about announcing to the world that mother nature has decided to pay you a visit, because unlike pads they are quiet and don’t leak around the sides. They are the best option for women who have a tilted cervix when it comes to comfort and insertion. When you insert them, they are already wet from the initial insertion you never must worry about your vagina drying up over time like is does when you use tampons.

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You can know that they are environment friendly and since they are natural sponges they replenish themselves by naturally spawning. They don’t contain any of the bleach or treated making them completely sanitary. Not only that, you can also go ahead and clean the product with hydrogen peroxide so that you can always be sure that what you are putting in is clean. That time of the month has always been a pain to women, with this new product they have made it easy to use and buy. Saving you money over time with the purchases of tampons, and it costs less than it would to buy the cup. It has been said that they are so comfortable to wear that most times you forget that its even there, just like period panties.You can also use it to help with vaginal hygiene keeping the product in to ensure that the medicine stays in long enough to work. Mother nature has never been more comfortable to deal with and it’s been made simple.


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