How to Throw a Period Party.

How to Throw a Period Party.

Read this before giving your daughter a Welcome to Womanhood party


Is it a good or terrible idea to throw your daughter a period party? The internet and other forms of media seem to be as filled with ideas about having period parties as it is with daughters complaining about how mortifying the experience was. But having a 'welcome to womanhood' party doesn't need to be awkward or uncomfortable in the slightest. Believe it or not, you can give your daughter a period party that she had her friends will actually enjoy.


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First, involve her. Most of the discomfort girls express at period parties isn't from the party itself, but the lack of choice involved. Menstruation can be a touchy subject, and if your daughter feels she has no say in it, she'll likely start to feel uneasy, if not resentful. So from the very beginning, involve her in everything from the date of the party to the type of plastic ware being used. If she says something is too weird or embarrassing, don't argue it. No matter how cute a party decoration seems to you, let her be the final decision maker.


Next, don't focus too much on menstruation. It's obviously an essential part of the party, but it can also be a bit… gross to young girls. Acknowledge that the party is in celebration of your daughter entering a stage of physical maturity marked by her first period, but then move on to all of the opportunities that are now open to her. As an adult, she'll be able to choose a career and even one day have a family. These are the things that should be celebrated at the party, not menstrual blood.


Put the focus on two major themes: how awesome women are, and how to manage menstruation. The thing that most girls want to know at this stage is how to prevent blood from leaking through panties and causing a scene in school. Explaining the use of pads, period panties, and the like will instantly get your daughter's attention and that of her guests. For this reason, PantyProp's period kit makes the perfect gift (or even party favor) to mark the occasion.


After talking about famous bad-ass women throughout history and up to today, shift the party's focus to the 'how-to' of periods by going over the contents of the kit. You can even offer a demonstration of how to insert a pad into a pair of period panties. Just, don't use any blue dye or give too many graphic details that will lead to snickering.


Throwing a period party can be an encouraging, helpful way to talk about menstruation and present it in positive light. As long as you stick to these tips, your daughter will be able to enjoy her period party with all of her peers and enter the next stage of her life feeling confident and knowledgeable. And with the PantyProp period kit, she'll never need to think of her period as something to be worried or fearful about.


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