Can I Wear a Tampon if I'm a Virgin?

Can I Wear a Tampon if I'm a Virgin?

Will Wearing A Tampon Take Away My Virginity?

One common question we get regarding tampons and teens is whether or not someone will still be a virgin if she uses a tampon. The short answer is “yes,” but it raises several questions about how tampons (and virginity) work.


What's Virginity?

Virginity (the state of being a virgin) can actually refer to different things, based on one's culture and beliefs. Most cultures and religions consider a virgin to be a girl or woman who has never had sex. Because of this and the fact that they hymen is often damaged during a woman's first sexual encounter, an association has developed between virginity and an undamaged hymen – a section of skin inside the vagina.


The hymen is often broken or torn during sexual intercourse, so in centuries past, a woman or girl would be considered a virgin if her hymen was still in tact. Today we know that the state of the hymen isn't a good indicator of “sexual purity.” as the hymen can be damaged in a number of ways unrelated to sex. Additionally, the development of the hymen is different for many women. For some, the hymen is so small that it is never altered. For other, it is so large or the membrane so thick that it must be surgically removed to allow her to have sex or even wear a tampon.


And speaking of tampons leads us back to the original question…


Can I Use a Tampon and Still be a Virgin?

Obviously, wearing a tampon does not count as a sexual act, so yes. You can wear a tampon and still be a virgin. But what most people want to know when they ask this question is whether or not a tampon will break the hymen. In almost all cases, a tampon will not damage the hymen. When a girl inserts a tampon for the first time, if the hymen is in the way it will stretch slightly, allowing the tampon to be properly inserted.


If a girl is unable to insert a tampon, it may be because the hymen is too rigid or wide to accommodate it. This may change with time, but more likely the girl will need to undergo a simple surgery to have the hymen removed.


Only in very rare cases can a tampon permanently damage the hymen.


But Will a Tampon Make Me 'Loose?'

The idea that wearing a tampon (or even having sex) will cause the vagina to stretch and become loose or saggy is a myth. Only childbirth can permanently stretch the vagina, and even that is often barely noticeable once the mother has healed completely. The vagina is designed to stretch and then return to its original size. Think if it the way you would think of your pupils. Although they can become damaged and loose the ability to fully contract, exposing your eyes to darkness will not make your pupils permanently dilated.


If you feel comfortable wearing a tampon, you shouldn't let fears about them causing you to accidentally losing your virginity stop you. The choice to use a tampon or pad is entirely up to your own personal preference.


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