Going Green Is Mean - Just Ask Stevie Wonder at the Grammy's

Going Green Is Mean - Just Ask Stevie Wonder at the Grammy's

Last night at the Grammy Awards, Stevie Wonder shed light on the fact that the world needs to "think" about people with special needs and make everything accessible for people with disabilities.


With so many people in the world today going so very hard to rid the earth of all disposables, and replace them with cloth or reusable other options - they are selfish , self-less, and outright mean!


Just ask the many mothers of "special needs" daughters who enter the Ruby Love website daily and contact us via our LIVE CHAT. They always ask questions about the ease of use, and after purchasing, send follow up emails to say how extremely grateful for Ruby Love's period underwear and teen period swimwear to help their daughters with their leakage options. These mothers and fathers get so excited to know there is finally an option that will allow their daughter to be a bit more independent, and that they have an option to make the life as a caretaker much more tolerable and quicker when caring for someone with special needs, who have leaked urine or menstruated.


Ruby Love may seem like just a simple idea and product to many of us whom have the choice to use other options such as menstrual cups, tampons, and free-bleeds, but to the people with special needs they are a god-send - their only option to be more comfortable and independent. People who suffer from heavy cramping, vaginal cyst, fibroid, or vaginal prolapse (where the vagina falls out - literally) simply cannot use cups or tampons, so Ruby Love's functionality for discreet and secure wear of a sanitary pad is their best and only option for sanity.


Sometimes it is just the little things in life that make it much better for some that others take for granted unknowingly.


Now, while it is a great thing that people want to make the environment a better place, they need to think about others that are also apart of the same environment. Eliminating disposable products and taking that option away is kind of like erasing the "my choice - my option". Shouldn't everyone be entitled to options?


A person with special needs or disabilities doesn't have the ability to just stick a menstrual cup or tampon in her vagina, and neither does her caretaker. She already has a lot going on, so adding the burden of hand washing reusable underwear or cloth is completely out of the equation.

Ruby Love gives the quick "prop it in and go" option to put on and change out.


So please ask yourself - what would her options be if we JUST GOT RID OF ALL THE DISPOSABLES? Are you going to help her insert cups and tampons, and then remove it 3 hours later? Are you going to be the one changing her urinated diaper? Are you the caretaker who will need to remove her soiled clothes and pads? Are you the mother who has to make that tough decision for your daughters unnecessary hysterectomy?- NO ! So stop making decisions for my special needs.


In society, we become so fixated on the latest trends and big company marketing, that we lose insight on real-life situations or the people with special circumstances. Everyone always has an opinion, but never a solution for everything or everyone. We represent empowerment options for every person who has an uncontrollable natural bodily function. You don't have to like it, but respect the option for others.

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