An Open Letter to Sanitary Pad Companies

An Open Letter to Sanitary Pad Companies


An open letter to Sanitary Pad Companies: Always, Whisper, Stayfree, Kotex, and more.



We understand your absorbency is excellent. We understand you're all about confidence. We understand you are the best. And as women, we applaud you and love your brand. But...

How many times a day does a person need to adjust a sanitary pad? How many times does a person need to worry about being ashamed? How many times does a person need to deal with rubbing or discomfort? You can't be too confident with these issues.

Even those who use tampons and menstrual cups still need to convert back to a sanitary pad during their cycle, and the shifting and falling is one of the most annoying feelings. Ruby Love period underwear has the only solution for the problem and is the only accessory to sanitary pads to keep it in perfect place. The patented undies tuck a pad securely and properly in place. And best of all, it is discreet. It is so comfortable some reviewers has stated "I forgot I was even wearing a pad".

It's about time something has been made to suit people who leak. Bladder incontinence, menstruation, and vaginal discharge is a worldwide problem and billions of women wear and buy maxi pads everyday. We helped you fix the problem - You're Welcome!

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