Painful Periods? Try These Tips!

Painful Periods? Try These Tips!

When your period strikes, unfortunately, that means it oftentimes brings along with it cramps, sharp pains – just an all-around mess of uncomfortable feelings. And, while there is no, guaranteed cure-all magic fix to banish the pain, there are some things you can try to help ease the intensity.




Okay, maybe not quite that literally, but your diet can play a part in affecting your menstrual cramps. Your hormones can be especially susceptible to sugars, oils and refined grains. Excess carbohydrates found in sugars and grains leads to the pancreas pumping out excess insulin which in turn can create excess inflammation, which – you guessed it! – can lead to pain and discomfort.


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First thing’s first: yes, smoking is flat out bad for you. That being said, if you are a smoker, inhaling even as little as one cigarette a day can impact your period in a painful way. If you were looking for that sign to quit your habit, a less monstrous period may be just the motivation to beat the butts!




Alcohol is another culprit lurking in your diet that may be not doing you any favors when it comes to quashing pain. The consumption of beer, wine or liquor occupies your liver’s time, which makes it less available to do its regular detoxifying. And one of the things it typically detoxifies is estrogen, which, in higher doses on your period is a direct contributor to soreness, tenderness, inflammation and basically all the pains of having a period!



A lot of period pain can come in the form of internal discomfort and heightened sensitivity. Since tampons and pads are right all up in your business, they can be painful irritants that you feel exponentially. Switching them out for a discomfort-free pair of leak-proof panties, such as from PantyProp, will remove a physical cause of period discomfort (and keep your mind pain-free knowing it won’t have to worry about blood spotting through!)



Though having a period makes us all feel sluggish, heavy and a little bit lazy, it turns out exercise is actually your best friend during this time. Nothing too strenuous, but regular, moderate movement will only help regulate and reduce your menstrual flow and banish cramps thanks to that circulation. Plus, exercise activates endorphins, as Elle Woods so rightfully taught us all, so your menstruation mad mood might just be gone, too!



We know, we know: Easier said than done, right? But so worth the effort! Stress, we all know, does affect a person physically, so it should be no surprise that stress can play a part in making your menstrual period more physically painful. Chat with a friend, make lists, take a relaxing bath, watch a favorite TV show – make sure you set aside some time during your period for self-care to relieve your world-weary woes and your body (not only your mind and spirit) will thank you.


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