How Tampons Can Cause Infertility Problems

How Tampons Can Cause Infertility Problems

Pads, tampons, and cups, oh my! When it comes to dealing with your period, there are tons of different products to use. On top of these three, there’s the ever-growing popularity of period panties. While we’ll discuss other feminine hygiene products later, today we’re focusing on one of the more controversial ones – tampons. While many people unnecessarily feel a bit taboo about periods and the menstrual cycle, it seems that the idea of tampons is even more taboo! Why is that?


The act of inserting a tampon into the vagina is a very cringe-worthy idea for some. You’ll even find some ridiculous myths (or lies) that will tell young girls or women that they’re no longer a virgin if they use a tampon. News flash. The only way that you’re not a virgin would be through sexual intercourse! Tampon users even have to beware of Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS). An infection caused by the buildup of bacteria in the body, TSS is a risk in women who use super-absorbent tampons. While it’s rare, it can also be life-threatening. While tampons can cause this problem, it seems that they can also cause another problem – infertility.


Infertility is the inability to conceive children and according to the American Pregnancy Association, infertility affects 10-15% of couples. One myth is that infertility always stems from the women, which is NOT true. Infertility within a couple can be caused by either the man or the women, but in this case, when dealing with tampons, this can cause infertility problems in women. How?


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When looking at the list of available feminine hygiene products, there is a clear difference between pads, panties, and menstrual cups versus tampons. While many of them also absorb, this absorption or collection of blood occurs outside the body. If you’re using tampons, this takes place inside the body. This clear difference is what many believe to be the link between tampons and infertility.


During your period, it is not only blood that comes out but also tissue. It is believed that tampons only have the ability to absorb the blood and not the tissue. This means that the tissue from your period is unable to leave the body and will lead to a backup of tissue in the uterus which in turn can lead to infertility issues.


It might be hard for some women to completely give up tampons and we definitely understand! Rather than using them 24/7 during your period, you might even try varying its use with other feminine hygiene products. There’s the classic pad that you’ll always find in the feminine hygiene aisle. You might even see more menstrual cups than before. While these are also inserted into the vagina, they collect the blood into the cup which you are able to empty, disinfect, and use for your next period. There’s even the rise of our personal favorite, the period panty! Easy and comfortable, you’ll be free from worrying about leaks.


While all the products you pick up for your period might seem harmless, no one can be 100% sure what’s going on inside their bodies! If you have worries or concerns about using tampons, never shy away from speaking to your gynecologist!


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