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6 Fun Pool Party Ideas for Teenagers

The bluest skies, the best barbecues, the loveliest picnics. Summertime always brings in the most memorable times. And as always, you look forward to planning the pool parties your kids have always loved. But, while over-the-top themed parties used to delight them when they were younger, as teenagers, they may now prefer a more laid-back style. So, to ensure that your kids will enjoy themselves, you may want to do things differently this time.

The key is to get some structure in without overdoing it. However, this can be quite tricky, especially if you're planning one for the first time. No worries! We've come up with several cool and fun pool party ideas for teenagers that are sure to give your kids a blast this summer.

Safety comes first!

Before we dive headlong into our list of pool party ideas for teenagers, let's first talk about safety. What can go wrong will go wrong, especially when you're talking about a group of exuberant teenagers. So it's best to anticipate potential scenarios by taking safety precautions.

  • Free up the pool area of debris, equipment, and other unnecessary objects that may cause the kids to trip.
  • The area around the pool can get slimy. Stay accident-free by treating your decks with an anti-slip solution or additive.
  • Keep glass out of the pool area.
  • Make pool-depth markers clear and visible.
  • Have a lifeguard on standby. If this isn't possible, there should be at least one person in the party who can do CPR.
  • Have a brief word with the kids before the party starts to remind them about safety rules. For instance, there should be no life-risking stunts. While this sounds so "parental," it's a must-do to keep them out of harm's way.

Pool Party Ideas for Teenagers

Now we get to the fun part. The least that teenagers would want to feel is being herded off into some activity "like they were a bunch of little kids." So if you're going for a theme, it has to be something the partygoers' age group can relate to. 

Throwing in a few games can also be a great way for your hyperactive teenagers to use their excess energy. On top of that, friendly competitions encourage teenagers to interact with each other in a fun and enjoyable manner. You may want to look for activities that they'll find challenging and stimulating.

Themed Pool Parties

Idea#1: Spa Pool Party

Mention the words spa party to your teenage girls, and they'll likely swoon in approval. If you have a pool at home, you can rent pool deck chairs and place them under cloth canopies for a thoughtful touch. "Prettify" the area with decorations like balloons and ribbons in your girl’s fave colors. Throw in some floaties into the pool for a relaxing vibe. Recommended activities are a massage and mani/pedi season after pool time. Choosing the food to go with your pamper moment is pretty easy. Just prepare light cucumber or watercress sandwiches, veggie chips with zesty dips, chicken wraps, and mini whole-grain muffins for a healthy kind of indulgence.

Idea#2: Tiki Party

What better way to say aloha to a memorable summer than through a tiki party! This classic theme will never get old. Give your teens a taste of the relaxed island life with—get this—understated Hawaiian decor. Keep it cool with music that is evocative of cabanas and pina coladas. It may be better to go for a Club Med atmosphere that's more bossa nova than traditional hula. Raise the festive spirit with floral leis to get them into the mood. Tiki torches, giant paper lanterns, and honeycombs can create visually stimulating decorations. You can also serve delicious tropical drinks and even mocktails from a tiki bar. Fill 'em up with pineapple cake pops, grilled meatball skewers, fruit kabobs, aloha burgers, fresh summer salads, tropical shrimp salsa, and ham and cheese sliders.

Idea#3: Movie Night

Sometimes, teenagers want to do nothing more than just hang out with each other. If your kids and their friends are exhausted from extra-curricular activities, watching a movie outdoors may be a welcome pool party idea. Fortunately, you can get an affordable projector for under $100. For a screen, you can use a wide white sheet or a plain white wall. Your kids might enjoy snack and candy stations. Serve up the obligatory movie munchies like popcorn, chocolate-covered pretzels, hotdog sandwiches, beef nachos, and pizza bites. Instead of the usual sodas, you can pair these snacks with refreshing alternatives like "jeltzer" or juice with seltzer, iced teas, or milkshakes.

Pool Party Games

Idea#4: Noodle Joust 

Also called "water logs," pool noodles are flexible tubes made of foam that are typically used to teach kids to swim. However, they've certainly evolved to become pool toys as well. For the noodle joust game, get at least four players and four pool noodles. First, the teams will try to balance themselves while sitting on the noodles. Then they will attempt to get each other into the pool. The last person "sitting" wins.

Idea#5: Octopus Tag

If you're familiar with the game of tag, you shouldn't have a problem with the mechanics of Octopus Tag. First, one teen is chosen to be the "it" or "octopus." Then the "it" yells "octopus" and tries to catch someone. The person caught ends up becoming one of the octopus' tentacles and joins hands with the "it." Then the "it" with their additional tentacle will continue to tag others who will also become part of the octopus' arms. This goes on until only one person is left, who will be declared the winner. The winner will then play the "it" for the next round.

Idea#6: Water Balloon Toss

For the more competitive teens, a water balloon toss is a sure recipe for great pool fun! Divide the teenagers into two groups. Have each team form a straight line as they face the other group. The two pool squads will toss the balloons at each other. The goal is to catch them without breaking. If a person pops a water balloon, then their team loses.

Pool Party Tips and Tricks

  • Keep them from taking home sunburn as a souvenir. Have bug sprays and SPF30 sunscreens on hand.
  • It's typical for teenagers to forget essential pool things in their excitement. Prepare extra towels and flip-flops.

  • Let the kids know where they can leave their clothes and change into their swimsuits.
  • Remember to install additional pool furniture so guests will have a place to put their food and drinks.
  • The more, the merrier, especially when it comes to inflatable pool toys. Just the sight of many floaties clearly spells out fun, and pretty soon, you'll see your teenagers splashing about.
  • At pool parties, you want to keep the ambiance going. Curated playlists can be a boon, especially when you don't want to be worried about "what's next."
  • Breathe in and out, and relax. The least your kids want is to be fussed over, so be the cool parent they want their friends to meet.

Keeping Your Party Free and Easy

With these great pool party ideas for teenagers, you may just turn your kids' celebration into one of the loveliest and most unforgettable moments of their young lives. For the boys, this can be the summer party where they can just be their fun and breezy selves. 

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