How To Survive Beach Days

How To Survive Beach Days

Some of the best days in the summer are beach days. The sun, the sand, the water that is way too cold but you’re sweating too much to NOT get in there. There are so many fun things about going to the beach! And yet… some not fun things. Like the sand sticking to literally EVERYTHING. Or getting completely burnt despite putting on sunblock. Or not being able to enjoy the water cause you have your period. Here are a few tips and tricks to keep in mind for your next beach day.


Insulated Water Bottle

You know those trendy water bottles you’ve been seeing everywhere. Well not only are they super cute but they’re actually pretty good at keeping your water nice and cold throughout the whole beach day! The sun could be beating down on this bottle for HOURS and the water on the inside will still be iced cold. And what is great about these water bottles is that the sand doesn't stick to them! Because they are insulated they don’t “sweat” which means that the sand wont be sticking to it all day. These bottles are also great to use as an alternative to plastic water bottles which are harmful to the environment. Save the planet!


Baby Powder

This might seem a little weird to bring to the beach but trust me when I say this stuff is a lifesaver. You know when you walk back to your car after spending the day at the beach and you’re dreading trying to get all that sticky sand off your feet before you get into the car. Well, baby powder is just the thing you need! The sand is sticking to your feet so much because the sand and your feet are wet, making it harder to get the sand off. The baby powder dries up the moisture from the sand and your feet, making it easier to get the sand off! No more sandy car for you!


Ruby Love Period Swimwear

Your period doesn't care when you have a beach day planned with your friends. It’s gonna come whether you like it or not! But you don't have to worry about using a tampon on that day if you don't want to. Ruby Love makes period swimwear that actually absorbs 3 tampons worth of flow so that you can still have your beach day without worrying about leaks or stains! You can check out their whole line of period swimwear here!



Okay, this one is pretty obvious but it needs to be said. SUNBLOCK IS IMPORTANT! The sun is getting stronger and stronger every year. Don’t worry, you’ll still get that amazing summer tan you’ve been waiting all winter for. The biggest rule for sunblock is to reapply!! Reapplying sunblock is so important because it can come off so easy sometimes. You can sweat it off, rub it off, or even wash it off in the ocean water. Basically what I am trying to say is that if you wanna keep that youthful skin, sunblock is key!


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