How To Have A Period-Friendly Household

How To Have A Period-Friendly Household

Chances are even if your daughter hasn't gotten her period yet, a bunch of her friends have gotten theirs. And guess what? They're just as freaked out as you were when you first got it. To ease this new period in their lives, you can still make them feel comfortable coming over to your house when it's their time of the month. Here’s how to make your house period friendly:


The Basket

First, you are going to need to get a basket or bin that is discreet but also goes with the decor of your bathroom. You can really use anything as a container. A wicker basket, a metal bin, even a little plastic container that you can pick up at your local dollar store! Then you can fill it with whatever brand of feminine care supplies you like to use. Make sure that you place this bin in reaching distance from your toilet and easy to find.



The Supplies

So there are tons of things you could put into this “period friendly basket” for anyone in your house who may need it. First, the most obvious thing to put in this basket is sanitary products like pads and tampons. As stated earlier feel free to use any brand you prefer! Also, be sure to have a variety of absorbency. Have some maxi-pads for the heavier days, some regular pads and tampons. Another great thing to put in there to help anyone who might be in need of some feminine care is some cleansing wipes. These aren't really a necessity for the bin but who doesn't love a bit of extra freshness.


The Sign

One last thing to complete your period friendly bathroom is… a sign. Yes, a sign might seem lame at first but listen, this makes it very clear to your daughter's friends that this space where they should never feel weird or ashamed to have their period. Because they shouldn't! It’s a 100% natural process every woman goes through in their lifetime. See a photo below of what the sign could look like. Feel free to print this picture out and stick it somewhere in your bathroom or make your own sign! The sign is completely optional so don't feel compelled to have it up in your bathroom or even keep it up for a long amount of time.



Now that you’ve made a little bin or basket or container or whatever you want to call it, filled with period products galore, your daughter's friends will now find comfort in knowing that your house is stocked up with anything they may need if aunt flow’s visit is a little unexpected this month.

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