Are “Bleached” Panties Normal?

Are “Bleached” Panties Normal?

Have you ever pulled your black panties out of the dryer only to notice that your favorite pair now has some “bleaching” in the crotch area? Are you worried at the number of underwear you’ve had to throw out because of this? Good news is you’re not alone! And even better news, we know why they're getting bleached and how to avoid it.


Women everywhere experience the same thing too. The “bleaching” that oftentimes occurs in underwear is a “dirty” topic most girls don't feel comfortable bringing up and just don’t know much about. Talking about what happens to your underpants usually opens avenues for self-questioning, unnecessary judgment, and self-doubt about your hygiene and sense of cleanliness.


We know, it sounds kinda disgusting. Mucous coming out of your vagina? Ewww, right?


However, in an effort to talk about this relatively unknown taboo, we will focus on that “bleaching” thing happening in your underwear and why you don’t have to panic and throw out so many panties.


What Causes Bleached Panties?

In short, bleaching of your panties is caused by the acid in vaginal discharge. Vaginal discharge, for the most part, is a very normal occurrence. Have you ever heard the expression that the vagina is like a self-cleaning oven? Well, think of vaginal discharge as the proof of the vagina's self-cleaning mechanism. It’s a mucous-like substance that contains acids, proteins, and carbohydrates. Sounds innocent, right?


So How Does Vaginal Discharge Cause the Bleaching Effect?

Your vagina's acid levels are what causes "bleaching". Incidentally, the normal pH, or what is mostly considered as the "healthy" pH level for a vagina, is more on the acidic side thanks to good bacteria called lactobicilli. Hence, "bleaching" of your underwear not only proves that your hoo-ha's self-cleaning mechanism is working, but also that you are healthy! So, it’s perfectly normal to experience bleached underwear and there’s absolutely nothing to be worried or embarrassed about if you experience this!


How to Prevent Bleached Panties

  1. Wash with Special Detergent There are lots of ways you can clean your panties but if you want to help prevent bleaching try using an enzymatic stain treatment. A popular enzymatic stain treatment that is relatively easy to find is OxiClean. Just soak the underwear in warm water with a few tablespoons of OxiClean to clean it, and wring it out to dry. See manufacturer’s instructions on the package.
  2. Make a Pre-treatment You can also make a DIY spray by mixing a few tablespoons OxiClean with water and then spritz your underpants before dropping them into the hamper and you're set!
  3. Rinse Immediately Another easy way is to rinse your used panties right after you wear them. This will help reduce the chance of your discharge having long periods of contact with your underwear eventually leading to bleaching of your underwear.

Wear Panty Liners

Another way to eliminate discoloration is by using panty liners. Panty liners are the thinner version of sanitary pads used for minor discharge and spotting. If washing consumes too much of your time, panty liners will serve as your immediate protection against underwear discoloration.


At the end of the day, “bleached” panties are just manifestations of your vagina’s health, nothing more and nothing less. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise!

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