Did Barbie Really Need a Makeover? NO!

Did Barbie Really Need a Makeover? NO!

First let me say, I have always been a big Barbie fan. I had every doll that has ever been manufactured into production. My mother would fill my Christmas with every beautiful Barbie that came to life by Mattel, and our Christmas tree would be filled from floor to ceiling with many new toys for any childs imagination to just go wild. I use the word "imagination"with the greatest strength in the word.

After reading the article in Time magazine titled "Barbie Has a New Body", I was a bit put-back that such a iconic doll that was created for a girls "imagination" would go through so much criticism. What's next? I guess, Cabbage Patch dolls should go on a diet since obesity is so rampant in young children. I was that little girl that played with all my dolls and was very creative. I have never once thought to myself "I want to be Barbie".

Barbie and every other doll I owned was for my leisure and playtime, nothing more, nothing less. Though, I don't really care that the Barbie was changed because I believe in evolving. I just think the publicity surrounding the "body image" stigma for the change is more damaging to a young girl. If she wasn't thinking it before, she definitely is NOW!

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